October 6, 2016


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Party at the MTC!


So this week I have a little more time so hopefully I’ll get to tell
you a little more than last time!

First my district is the best district ever! I am so thankful for all
of them and I love more than anything having so many epic Elders here
to stand in for my brothers back home!

We call ourselves the Sunbeams (Matt. 5:16 Let your light so shine
before men, that they may see your good works , and glorify your
Father which is in heaven.)

A little about last week I get a Pineapple in the mail basically the
first day so that was epic!!

Our first sunday here we got to go on a temple walk and this last
sunday was General Conference! It was one of the most amazing
experiences of my Life!! I can't even express how perfect it was! I
will be forever grateful for the opportunity I had to be in the MTC

Who saw me!??!?!?

Okay so I have seen soooo many people I know here!!!

One of them being Sister Sydney Jordan! She is basically the best
thing to ever hit the MTC and I got to see her everyday! She hit the
field last week and I miss her already but boy was it fun talking with
her every night!

I am now a Sister Training Leader! That just means that I am in charge
of stuff and I have the power to have a phone!......... that only
calls the front desk and does nothing else… haha but still kinda cool
I guess haha It's great being a STL I get to teach all the new
missionaries whats up! ;P

Last night I got to welcome 20 new missionaries from all over to our
zone with the other STL and our super fun Zone leaders! I am excited
to work with them!

We have been learning and teaching like crazy!

We are working with and epic investigator this week! She is our first
REAL investigator, her name is Ericka and she is from Iowa!!! She is
so sweet and she really knows a lot about the gospel! We already love
her and we really want her to be baptized so she can receive the Gift
of the Holy Ghost! We have only one more lesson with her and I don't
want it to end!

The spirit teaches so powerfully and we get to be the means by which
it comes! Sooo cool!!!!!

My testimony has grown So much sence I got here and I can truly say
that I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of our living God and
through him the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in its fullness
for us!

I Know the Book of Mormon is true and Powerful! Study its words and
you will come to know the same!

I am excited to hit the field and get to share this Gospel every day!

We get to go to the temple latter today and I am so excited!!

I will send pictures soon!

Love you all!


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