September 29, 2016


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First Week in the MTC!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Its finally PDay! Yay!

So the MTC is awesome but man I am sleepy!

Reason behind that is probably that along with 364 other missionaries at the MTC I have a little bit more to do because I got the Awesome chance to sing in the General Conference choir!!!!!!

I am so overly excited about it and it's a crazy miracle that I got to be in it but God definitely wants me in it because otherwise I would have missed it for sure!

So out of all the epic stories I could tell today i'm going stick with this one :)

Well first I got called at the perfect time to be in the MTC just in time for General Conference which is pretty cool in and of itself but there's more to the story too.

So I filled out some stuff for a cool auditioned choir and kinda told them that I can sing pretty well haha then I guess they looked at all off them and prayed about who should be chosen and I was one of the 68 people that they picked from the hundreds of missionaries that came into the MTC with me!

But sadly I never saw when they posted who got in so….. Yeah basicly if you miss even just 1 practice you are no longer allowed in the choir because the practices are intense seeing that most choirs that sing at conference practice for at least 4 months and we have 8 days to memorize our music so yeah I didn't see that I was in so I didn't even know there was a practice but God is good and crazy stuff helped me to get my life together! Ha aso yeah this super cute Sister named Sister Castleberry saw me and said “Sister Madsen you are in the General Conference choir right? Do you wanna walk with me!?” and I told her I didn't even know what she was talking about but then some other sisters came and said that they thought they noticed my name on the list too so I went with them! And guess who’s name was on the list!?!?! Mine!!! And guess who would have been kicked out of the choir for missing rehearsal if I didn't go to practice that day?! Me! Haha so yeah that was Awesome!!!

The choir is so fun and the music is beautiful!

I don't know what session we will be singing in so…. Just watch them all!!!!!

I know you were all going to watch them all anyway right? ;)

For those of you who don't know what I am even talking about… Like what even Is General Conference haha well I feel you ;) and I’ll tell you that it is basically the best thing ever!

Here's an awesome link so you can read all about it and then watch me sing and bear my testimony through song with a bunch of people who feel just as strongly about the gospel as I do :)

<a href="" style="text-decoration:none"></a>

I'll be in the back kinda in the middle/left in a pink shirt and you all know what I look like so thats good haha I hope you can feel the spirit and that you learn lots for General Conference, I’m sure I will :)

Anyway so yeah that was perfect! On another note, My companion is so sweet and fun! Shes 22 from salt lake and her name is Sister T………. there's more to her name I just don't know how to spell it so that's all you get to know for this week haha

Our district rocks!

We have awesome sisters going to everett washington and epic Elders going to Hawaii its sweet but man we will miss having them around when we head to Iowa in 2 weeks!

Well I am learning sooooo much and I Love it a lot!!!

I have lodes I could tell you but I have no time for that because we are always busy here so ill stick with this :)

Thanks for all the emails!

Love you all!

The church is true!

I'll send pictures hopefully later today!

Love Sister Madsen


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