January 6, 2021





Feliz año nuevo! Happy New Year!
     It has been pointed out to me that I hit my one month this week and I don't know where the time went! It feels like I just opened my call a week ago!
NEW YEAR     We started out a pretty busy week with a good ol' New Years Eve party with the fam which was super fun! We played a couple games and somehow I won all three! Though I blame it on James being distracted with the dog and my concentration skills I have gained from being a missionary. If I could take even half of these abilities to my school after the mission I know I will be a much better student than I was in high school XD     I then got to spend all of New Year's Day with no missionary responsibilities and I made my family play more games with me. I also got to build some legos that I got for Christmas so overall it was a pretty chill and fun day. 
PLAN OF SALVATION LESSON     Then the busy days started. Hermana Willes and I were given the task to teach a 25 minute lesson on the Plan of Salvation and to say I was stressed doesn't even cover it. We worked on it for longer than I'd like to admit but I think it went pretty well! We were able to practice multiple times and I am proud of our accomplishment! We have learned SO much spanish and so much about the gospel!
BE BOLD     While I have had some amazing times in the CCM there have also definitely been times where I am out of my comfort zone. Who am I kidding? I've been out of my comfort zone AT LEAST once a day and I still live at home!      It definitely takes trust to just jump into teaching a lesson. One day in class our teacher, Hermana Juarez, told us we were meeting with some members in 15 minutes and so we wrote a 10 minute lesson right then and there. The member showed up in our break out room and we just jumped right in. It was stressful but it was so good.    And yet even as it is uncomfortable and even a little stressful I always hear the words to be bold in the back of my mind. This is when I gotta give Brother Jacobs a shoutout. He was my mission prep teacher at the weber institute and I am so grateful for all the things he taught me and the other preparing missionaries. A phrase he always liked to say was to "BE BOLD!" We are missionaries of the Lord and we need to share the good news of the gospel. I mean that's the reason I'm even on a mission in the first place!      I also know that the times I have felt the spirit the most from myself is when I show the passion I have for my beliefs in the words that I am saying. I absolutely love the spirit that is present when someone bears their testimony because you can just hear the conviction in their voice! It's so awesome!
TESTIMONIES     Speaking of bearing our testimonies, we have a pretty BOMB district. My favorite time with them is when we discuss together the weekly devotional. I'm so grateful for all the testimonies that they shared and the spirit that they brought. I know it takes courage to share personal feelings and I know that EVERY SINGLE Hermana and Elder in this district will be AMAZING missionaries! I gotta say it again, I love this district!
POWER OF PRAYER     One last thought and then it'll be over ;)I was reminded this week of the power of prayer. Sometimes you just say a fervent prayer ya know? Well I was saying one of those prayers and as I paused to listen I received an answer RIGHT THEN. Isn't that just crazy?! I hadn't even said amen yet!     I just want you all to know that God does listen to your prayers and he will answer. I know that God loves every one of you and that he wants to hear you each and every day! Repentance is real! It's so powerful! 
-Hermana AlandPICTURES: The lego Logan Temple I built with lego Hermana Aland and Willes!


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