December 30, 2020




10B or I don't want it

Hola! I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I know I did. It turns out that being an at home missionary means Christmas doesn't change much so that's cool.
     I think all I have to say this week is to brag about my district. They are some pretty cool missionaries and to be honest it's just crazy that I can love people so much that I haven't even met in real life. 
     We pretty much had a full on heart to heart last night after our weekly devotional XD Every week we get to listen to a devotional from an apostle or church leader and this week it was Neil L. Anderson. It was pretty "dope" as Elder Howell (our district leader) would say.
     So anyways we log into the zoom call and get talking about this devotional and what we liked about it and one of the points that Elder Anderson made was that even though we, as missionaries, have been called to his work doesn't mean it will be easy. We kinda equated that to the challenges we've faced this year as many of us graduated this year and also a lot of us had our mission papers or calls delayed for various reasons. 
     But something we all could agree on was that while there are challenges that come with home MTC our district is not one of them and I have to agree. I mean the elders might talk about their guns too much but you know other than that ;) 
We got a little off topic by the end but my favorite was the random quotes we shared. Some were very serious and some were just us goofing off but here's a list of my favorite...
"The price we paid to become acquainted with God was a privilege to pay." -Martin Handcart Company"It's gonna be dope" (talking about our missions)"District 10B or I don't want it""Be homies with the spirit.""We are here (on earth/serving our missions) for the grindLove ya!Hermana Aland


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