December 16, 2020




Amazon Vans and Reassignments

¡Hola amigos!

I can't believe I have been a missionary for a whole week! This week has FLOWN by and has been VERY busy.

Before I tell you about my week though, I thought I'd tell you about some exciting news!


I have received my temporary reassignment! I have been assigned to the Nevada, Las Vegas Mission! I will start serving there as soon as I finish my training at the MTC! I don't know how long I will be there or even if I make it to Chile but I'm stoked that I even have this opportunity to serve wherever I am. Most of my district got their assignments yesterday which was super fun!


Oh my goodness, Hermana Willes is the BEST! She was called to the Alabama Birmingham Mission (and before you ask, yes that was her original assignment, in español ;)  She is super hard working and LOVES the gospel. She is also super smart and AMAZING at memorizing and is always pushing us to improve our spanish and become better missionaries EVERY DAY! I especially love doing companion study with her because I always love her thoughts and just the spirit that she brings to every study. :) 


These missionaries are SO awesome! I admit that the first two days of the CCM I was worried that we weren't really going to get to know each other because we are remote training but that just isn't true! It is true that it is a little more difficult to get to know one another but as we make time to hang out I know we will get to know each other even better!

We already have a bunch of inside jokes and and we spent plenty of time laughing together and sending random messages on our group text.


I am so grateful for the online CCM. I have felt the spirit so often and I know that although the CCM looks different right now we are still getting the spanish and teaching help that we need! We are still working hard every day as there never seems to be enough time to complete everything (though that may be because I like to talk to my family too much ;) but we are somehow getting everything done and improving so much!


I didn’t know you could learn so many words in a week! Something super awesome about learning español is that all the CCM teachers are native spanish speakers so they really know their stuff! We all help each other with spanish and english in return! I can share a super short and choppy lesson but I have already seen improvement from just a week ago and I am super excited to see the improvements I can make at the rest of the CCM and into the mission field.


The week has been so full of spiritual experiences that I could feel a whole separate email with them but I will just share one. I was reading in Preach My Gospel about a man who was searching for more spiritually and he stumbled upon some missionaries. They ended up asking him to a lesson and they were able to baptize him within a month. This is when it hit me that this is my calling. I have been called to be the messenger of the gospel. No amount of hard work will achieve this without the strength of God. I know that if I will work hard to do the best that I can, the Lord will provide a way for those who are prepared to hear the gospel to be put in my path. 


One thing that is different about online CCM is breakout rooms. We are often sent to work with our compañeros for a set amount of time. There is always a timer in the corner. But that timer is never actually accurate. Sometimes we leave before it has gone off and other times we spent 10 minutes with the timer at 0 knowing that at any time we could be done. My compañera and I call this our arbitrary time and let me tell you they are probably the funniest conversations I’ve had.

I know I’ve kept you waiting for the amazon van. Why is this a part of CCM? Well my companion lives in Arizona and so she participates in remote CCM from her garage! One day during compañera study she looked away from the camera and said “there’s a truck! Oh it’s an amazon truck that’s fine.” and out of nowhere I said “wait, that’d be a good way to kidnap someone...have an amazon truck and tell some kid to come grab a package.” long story short I told Hermana Willes that if someone gets kidnapped in an amazon truck I guessed it but I’m not happy about it. I’m pretty sure we laughed about that for a solid 5 minutes XD (I know I’m not funny you had to be there ok?) 

I love you all! Please feel free to send me an email today! I’d love to hear from you! 

-Hermana Aland


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