November 18, 2019


Canto Rey


Hermana Luna

The long way

Hey pals!! 
First off, there are officially 3 "Andreasen" missionaries now - shout out to my baby brothers Ammon and Benjamin who are in the MTC! I feel privileged to share the plaque with them for 3 weeks in total. I sure do love them and am thrilled they are doing this marvelous work that has blessed my life. 
This week wasn't my favorite to be honest, I feel like we worked super hard and have been sacrificing a lot of things to help this area but are seeing little fruits.
We had interviews with prezzy on Wednesday and he asked us if we should close the area. He commented that he feels like he puts his best missionaries there and still no pasa nada - it was comforting to know he has so much trust in us.
We've been feeling a little sad because all the drama in the ward and the amount of inactives, but we stay firm to the hope that it will all change with the "mistura" activity we are going to do on Thursday.I was able to work with Hermana Escobar from El Salvador in a work visit. She's a great missionary who is just starting the mission, and has a lot of desires to help the people here in Perú. We had a Family Home Evening this week with Deyvid. As I wrote last week, Deyvid had realized he believes in God which is a huuuuge step for him. During the FHE a brother in the ward said something that I loved - "we aren't inviting you to join a church or a religion, but to the kingdom of God." 
On Friday we were going to do a work visit with a companionship but we just felt so down, plus Hna Luna got sick so we canceled it and called the elders to give us a blessing. The blessing helped us a lot, and after we started talking about the area - Elder Mejía served here a year ago and saw the same problems in the ward that are going on now. We've been studying a lot to have more faith and see what we can do to help the ward. 
I honestly love the work - even though I've come to the point where I am so tired physically and get exhausted, plus we get extra tired now bc summer started here, I am happy to be here in the mission. Just trying to endure to the end.
Last month my dad told me that he is sorry for me that I'm going to have to come home - he said that it was extremely painful for him to end and leave behind everything he has grown to love so much when he was in Uruguay. I'm not excited for that, and it breaks my heart to think of leaving this country, but I know the Lord has a plan for me after the mission. 
But until then, 2 more weeks of hard work!!! 
With love,
Hermana Andreasen 


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