September 30, 2019


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Hermana Bravo

Changed for the better

Hey hello hi hi hi hi!
This week i went on a work visit with Sister Ryan from California and wow I love her a ton!
We visited a sister who got married last year to a RM, and she knew perfect English! Wow it was so cool to talk and teach in English. She shared her testimony and her conversion experience with us and it made me cry! I hope in my last transfer I can go to that ward to be with her :-)   It was a tender mercy from the Lord! She sure strengthened my testimony.
A few weeks ago I started teaching English to the zone - most of the latinos in the zone know a little english, like "what's your name, how are you", etc. I am excited to help them learn more! I realize here that knowing English can help latinos a ton with job opportunities! So, if any of you guys reading this are going to a mission where they don't speak English, HELP YOUR COMPANIONS LEARN ENGLISH. It will be a great blessing to them. Here in Perú, someone who knows English well is sure to get a high paying job.
Anyways, so it's a great opportunity for me to help them learn and progress (-,:There are a ton of Venezuelans here - I am pretty sure this is the country with the most Venezuelans! but it's been getting hard for them here. A little earlier this year, the president of Venezuela let all the prisoners go, because the economy there is so bad and they can't afford to keep the jails going. The point is, all the prisoners have left Venezuela and gone to other countries. In these past few weeks, a lot of news articles have come out about Venezuelans killing and robbing and a bunch of horrible things, and it makes me very sad because people here mistreat them for that, just because of what they hear on TV. We are teaching a LOT of Venezuelans, and this week they have been sad because people treat them badly on the streets, or don't give them jobs, or don´t let them live in their apartments for that. But, the thing I love about the Gospel is that our message comforts them! They feel so lost and alone, but when we share with them the TRUTH that we know, I love to see the light in their eyes.
When I was with Sister Ryan, we listened to Brad Wilcox´s talk "His grace is sufficient". Wowzers! I have heard so much about that talk, but never listened to it. But now I know why it was so talked about! I heard it right when I needed it. He said that Christ doesn´t make up the difference, but He makes ALL the difference. and that He paid it ALL. There is not one sin, one sickness or one trial that He did not pay. He made it all possible for us!He expressed that the Atonement of Christ is meant for us to CHANGE. That no unchanged person will want to live with God. That He won't ask us if we've repented, but if we have been changed.I am nowhere near perfect!!!!!!! None of us are. And He doesn't expect us to. It doesn't matter how many times we have sinned and repented, but when we start to understand that Christ did what He did to give us the opportunity to change our way of being, then we can realize the importance of the Atonement of Christ.
I love this gospel! I love the opportunity the Lord has given me to serve here, and I am thankful for all your support :)

Hermana Andreasen


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