August 5, 2019


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Hermana Bravo

Training again!!

I got a new companion! Her name is Hermana Bravo and she is from Huancayo, Perú. My second companion was also from there :-) I am training again, and honestly I have come to like training. It helps me learn a lot and try to become a better missionary.
A lot happened this week! When we visted the Piñero family on tuesday, he told he had a surprise for us. He told us they are going to be baptised this saturday. ahh! They had their interviews on Thursday, and they are trying hard to keep all the commandments. They drink coffee morning day and night like 20 times a day. We brought them "Ecco" which is a drink that is THE BEST here in Perú because it tastes a lot like coffee, but it's not coffee. They say they didn't like it (whoops). They promised they wouldn't drink the coffee they have in their house. On Saturday I felt that I needed to tell them that if they drink coffee this week before their baptism, we would have to postpone his baptism. When I said that, Junior (the dad) literally jumped out of his seat, ran over to the coffee and gave it to us and begged us to take it with us. I wanted to cry!! They are so great.
Yesterday in church, Junior gave his testimony in sacrament meeting and the ward and stake president were very impressed of the strong and firm testimony he has of the church.
I have come to the point in my mission where I love to see the fruits. My dad always says that sometimes we are planting seeds, and sometimes we are harvesting the crops. But, it's all the same work :-)
God is good, and He lives!
I am a witness of that and His love for every one of us.


Hermana Andreasen


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