July 15, 2019


Los Postes


Hermana Mejia

He heals our souls

Hace frio, jaja. Even though it's nothing like the Rexburg wind and snow, I am still the same old AZ girl :-)
Lemme update you on some of the amazing people we are teaching over here in Los Postes.
La Familia Piñero are progressing well, and they have the desire to be baptised. He told us the other day that he had a dream that his neighbor (who is in the bishopric) helped him to understand and read the Book of Mormon. He says that when that dream comes true, they will make the decision to be baptised. He has a testimony and loves the church, and knows the church is true. He also says he wants to make sure they will be baptised for the right reasons, and not for us and the love they have for us two.We are teaching a man named Roger who is SUPER BUENO. He finished reading the Book of Mormon, and now is reading Doctrine and Covenants. A few months ago his wife said that if he got baptised, she would divorce him. But now she has come to be okay with his baptism, but he is waiting to be baptised so his wife will be there.  

The situation in Venezuela is still horrible, but they truly are strong people. Keep them in your prayers!! As well as the people from Nicaragua and Honduras. please + thanks :-)
I've been pondering a lot this week on the Atonement. I think a lot of people just think of the Atonement as being the way to overcome sin and transgressions, or forgiving others. But I love to look at all the ways we can be "healed" and "sanctified", thanks to Christ. All of our difficulties and trials can be made light, and He gives us the HOPE that these problems will be nothing but a slight moment.
I know that God loves so He sent His Son, the perfect Savior of the world. Sometimes I think of the love that my earthly parents have for me, and I can't even imagine how much our Father in Heaven has for all of us. I know that we are not perfect people - and God knows that. All of us have our problems that we have to figure out! But that's why we need even more the hope that Christ gives us. We have to be humble enough, to trust in Him, and let Him fix us.
I love this gospel :-)
I love you all, thanks for all the support and love. 

Hermana A


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