June 17, 2019




Hermana Magalhães

Don't Sweep the Flowers!

Ready for me to explain when 7 peruvians yelled at us for doing some service? haha.
So as I wrote last week, my convert Edwin's mom passed away, and here in Perú, funerals are a very big deal. Like, a 3 - 4 day event, with a ton of food and drinking, etc. And after they have done the funeral ceremony and everything, they carry the casket to the cemetery, and they throw flowers as walking. 
So, story: On Wednesday we were going to an appointment, and we saw them on the way to the cemetery, with a band playing music, and just a lot of noise. About 2 hours later, we called Maria (Edwin's wife) to see if she was in the house to fill up our water bottles. She said they weren't home, but we could just walk in and fill it up. We get to their house, and no one was home and the door was locked. But, outside the house they had a bunch of flowers and trash and alcohol bottles, etc. SO! we decided to help them out. We went and got 2 brooms from other members close by and started sweeping. We had swept about half of all the trash and flowers, when I go a little farther down the street to sweep, and 4 men who were drunk start yelling "NO SE BARRE LAS FLORES." I was so confused, then 3 elderly women also walked by and yelled, Oye no se barre las flores" - we asked them why, and they say that it's a superstition here in Perú that if you sweep the flowers that they have thrown on the ground for the funeral march, it causes the dead person condemnation and like casting them down to hell, or like as if you were "throwing away their soul".
So, of course we didn't believe in that superstition, but we were so scared that Edwin's family (very Catholic) would get mad.
We kept going on with our day, asked members if they had ever heard about that superstition, and they told us that mainly only people from "la sierra de Perú" believe in that... and of course, all of their family are from there.
But after freaking out and praying a whole lot so the family wouldn't be mad at us, in the end they didn't believe in it!
So here's what you all can take from this experience - if you EVER go to Perú and see flowers on the ground, just leave them there. hahaha.
But besides that crazy experience, we had a grand week. Still a little sick, but nothing I can't handle. We put Dharma on baptismal date for this week, whoooo. He's great and excited to be sin free!
Love you all, love the mish and love the Savior.
Que se cuiden!
Con amor,
Hermana Andreasen


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