June 10, 2019




Hermana Magalhães

After the trial of thy faith

Ihit the one year mark this week!! Time flies when you're having fun that's for sure :-)  
Wow, the question is what didn't happen this week? haha, a ton of stuff happened this week. 
First off  I got super sick with like cold and fever, the usual beginning of winter stuff. 
We had zone conference which was sad because it was President Godfrey's last zone conference with us :( And after the conference, the trials came haha.
We accidentally mixed up our lunches with the sister who signed up to serve us lunch, and she got annoyed. Later that night, our phone freaked out and didn't accept the password, and our phone got blocked because it thought we were trying to hack it, so yeah that's been super stressful.
And from then on just a bunch of things not working out. On Sunday morning we were running late to pick up our investigators to go to the chapel, and our key wouldn't work so we were trapped inside the house for like 10 minutes haha, sounds dumb but it was so stressful because we had like 10 people waiting for us to go to church with them.
We went to Edwin's house (remember him?) last night, and he told us something. He sat us down basically and told us how he has noted that our faith is weakening. We had gone to his house a lot this week for little things and every time he just remained quiet, but yesterday when we told us that he had noticed that we needed to work on our faith a little more because we were really stressed and worked up. We talked about the faith and sometimes why Heavenly Father gives us trials.
No joke, 1 hour after we left Maria and Edwin´s house, Edwin calls us crying hysterically. Asks us to send him the bishop's number. I tried to calm him down, and he told us that his mom had fell and was sent to the hospital, and they were on their way there. This morning, Edwin's best friend in the ward called us and told us his mom had passed away. She is a singer, and she was singing with her husband, fainted and fell on her head hard. She passed away 1:00. An hour ago we went to their house, and they are doing alright.
I have been thinking about it. It's interesting to think that God works in such specific ways. I can't help but think that God had me and my companion go through these trials this week, and had us go to Edwin's house and have him realize that we are lacking faith, so that Edwin could realize how is his faith, to be strong enough to support the loss of his mom. I don't know if that makes sense, but just know that I know God has a PERFECT plan. I've had many experiences and testimonies of that on my mission.
I love you all!!!

Hermana Andreasen


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