May 20, 2019




Hermana Magalhães

And he blessed them one by one

Hello loved ones, I hope you are all doing just great! A lot has happened this week.
Had a work visit with Hna Vargas from Honduras and I learned a lot with her! She helped me improve my teaching as well as the way to contact. I am grateful for her!
Edwin (our recent convert) was called to be in the young men's presidency! He's excited to work with the youth, and learn more about the gospel.
Our mission was chosen to be the pilot mission for South America to use smartphones to better the work! I am thankful for the trust the Lord has in our mission. So far the use of smartphones has helped us tremendously be in contact with investigators and members. It is an exciting time to be a missionary!
Our mission president is ending his mission in a little bit, and on Friday we had our last interview. It was a very special moment for me to talk to him, and he gave me a blessing. I am immensely grateful for the priesthood power, and that blessing that he gave me. President Godfrey reminds me a lot of my dear father, and I am so glad to have them both in my life.
I read a general conference talk this week from last year, and I love something the prophet said "the Lord needs you to look like, sound like, act like, and dress like a true disciple of Jesus Christ. That can be a hard thing - but I know you can do it."
I love when it says that the Lord NEEDS us to be a disciple of Christ. This time is so important to be a representative of Him - not only missionaries, but all of us.
I love this work, and I love trying to become a better disciple of Christ ❤

love you all!

hermana andreasen


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