April 29, 2019




Hermana Martinez

Serving as Christ did

This week was great!
Let me tell you a little about it.
We put 2 people on baptismal date - Alvaro and Viedy.
My beloved brother and sisters sent me a package that made me so happy. Sure do love them a ton!
We had zone conference this Wednesday and it was very inspiring. 
We had P day last Monday with Maria and Edwin - we ate pizza and watched the movies 17 Miracles, and the Best 2 Years and they loved it! It was an awesome experience because their family (non-members) kept coming in and out, and they were surprised about how much the pioneers had to suffer. Also there was a huge miracle that like 10 people came in, and somehow there was pizza for everyone! haha
This week I felt the power of the adversary try to destroy my testimony. Several times people would start telling lies about the church and rumors. But I know that the church is true, because God told me it was. So no matter what others say. I know for myself it's true. :-)
Edwin got the Priesthood yesterday! Later that day he was with his friends, and everyone was drinking. They passed the beer bottle around, and he is the type of guy that would normally just drink a little and it doesn't matter. But we´ve been focusing  on helping him to realize just a drink isn't okay either. But yesterday when they were passing it around, he stood up for his beliefs and didn't drink. 
One thing that I learned this week was to try to serve like Christ did. To look for the sick people and minister them as Christ would. We asked an older lady in our ward where does someone live who is sick - she was too scared to go visit him with us, but showed us the house of a man who can barely walk, who lives with his wife and 4 kids. They are super good!
I love the work, and I love being a representative of Christ.
I love you all!

Hermana Andreasen


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