April 15, 2019




Hermana Martinez

The family is of God

Here are Google Drive links to some videos Hermana Andreasen sent this week:
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Hello familyyy and friendsss! How is everyone doing?!
I am doing super. This week we have been focusing a lot in Nicolas, MariaElena and Edwin. Nicolas is the teenager who was an old investigator from years ago, but his parents never let him get baptised. We have been helping him with his testimony, and he decided to be baptised. The day before his baptism, he asked us what he needs to do to go on a mission... He is so great and we are helping him to work to serve a mission!
We have found a family of GOLD. Edwin and MariaElena. Wow I don't think I have ever loved 2 people in all of my mission as I do them. They were having a lot of problems in their marriage, and noticed that they needed to change something. Decided to go on a walk, and that is when 2 elders contacted them. They went to church that next day, and we visat them the day after. I wrote a few weeks ago about a couple that we showed them a video of Joseph Smith's First Vision, and now they listen to that song every morning. Their daughter who is 6 years old asks them to play the song. On Thursday, we had an activity in the chapel and when the elders were explaining the Book of Mormon, Edwin raised his hand and began to share his testimony. The elders told us after that that brought the Spirit instantly. Everyone, I have never felt so much love for people on my mission and I have never felt the Spirit so strong when teaching someone.They are going to be baptised this Saturday, and are going to have 4 weeks since they were introduced to the church. I am so blessed to know them, and I am so happy to be in this Gospel.
Nicolas was baptised on Saturday! My companion and 2 elders and I sang the song "The Prophet's prayer" which explains when Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ - as we sang, Elder Cardenas from Bolivia recited the First Vision. The Spirit was so strong, and I began to cry as I thought about the life of Joseph. Thanks to him being worthy and having enough faith to pray, he has changed my whole life. I know that Joseph Smith restored this church - and thanks to him, I will be with my family forever, and thanks to him, MariaElena and Edwin have come to know of the truth of this Gospel. I love my Heavenly Father. I love the knowledge of His plan, and I love the opportunity to serve Him and share His restored Gospel.
I love you all, stay strong!

hermana andreasen


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