March 25, 2019




Hermana Martinez

Llamas and a non-river baptism

What a week! Let's get started :-)
On Monday we went to a park as a zone and played volleyball, mafia, etc. super fun!!On Monday night, we decided to go visit Teresa, who is super Catholic but likes to listen to our message. She has about 50 saints (like the statues things). We knew we had to give her "the talk", and find out why she wanted to listen to us, and if she comes to find if the church is true if she'd be willing to change her religion. We were a little nervous to ask her, so we prayed. When we started to talk to us, she was SUPER willing to go to church with us, read the Book of Mormon, and if she discovers for herself it's true, be baptised. What a miracle! I did a work visit with Sister Jones from Washington, and we visited Alejandro. Alejandro has investigated the church for a long time now, and he is what they call here, an "eternal investigator", haha because he likes to listen but won't commit to be baptized. He always tells us that he is willing to be baptized in our church, but sí o sí he wants it to be in a river. We explained the baptismal font, and how the prophet had fonts be built. We have been praying for a while now that he would accept to be baptized in the font. He didn't go to church last week, but on Tuesday we visat him, with Hermana Jones, and he told us "before, I only wanted to be baptised in a river but now I realize that it doesn't matter WHERE I am baptised, but more of HOW." Then when we called him on Thursday who he wants to baptise him, he said "it doesn't matter to me, just that he has the power of God." It was amazing! And then at his baptism he gave a great testimony. it was such a miracle!!!As Sister Jones and I were walking, we both felt the need to talk to a guy sitting in front of his house. We started talking to him, and Sister Jones noticed he was writing something in the dirt. Before we talked to him, he had written "iglesia" (church). We walked with him to the church, did a tour. Then he starts to tell us he had a dream of a church, where everyone was dressed in white and he is looking for that church... AH!!I don't know if I told you guys about Ricardo who was leg paralyzed. his wife died, and his dad and his brother? He lives in a rehab center from drug addictions, but the rehab center is also a Christian church, so they don't like us to visit him or take him to church. But one morning we were in the house, and he called us secretly when the rehab people weren't looking. We visat him, and he has written our phone number on the inner fold on his shorts, so he could have it to call us when the people weren't looking. So cute!!!There is a return missionary who served in Chile, and I looove her. She looked through my pictures I have in my scriptures, saw a picture of one of my best friends, Autumn Bailey! turns out they were in the same district in the mission :)WE SAW A LLAMA. that is all.On Thursday, a Seventy, Elder Alonso was here. It was amazing to meet and talk with him. We talked a lot about the power using the name of Jesus Christ has. Also, how important it is to say the name of our church properly. I love this church so much. I love our Savior and for His grace.Transfers are tomorrow, and tonight they will let us know. I don't want to get transferred.Love you all!Hermana Andreasen


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