February 11, 2019


Canto Chico


Hermana Rincón

A whole lot of chicken feet and baptizing members

Hello from Peru, again!
On Tuesday Fidel was baptized - I cleaned the font which was full of cockroaches and bugs - wow how the mish has changed me because that sure wasn't something I´d do before the mish. Also, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to bring salvation to someone!
Funny story - an elder from Arizona had his birthday this week, so they went to go buy a cake after our zone meeting. We waited for them and when they got back, he had a huge red spot on his white shirt. We asked what happened, they explained that the cake lady let them eat some of the frosting from the tube. His companion ate some from the tube, and the elder from AZ puts it up to his mouth to eat it, and it exploded. haha pobrecito, but we definitely got a good laugh out of it. (attaching photos of him with the red spot)
For like 3 hours the lights went out in all of San Juan - but after praying, the came back sooooo all is good, haha.
Okay now on to the chicken feet situation - Familia Dominguez have been doing fundraisers because the dad is sick. So, they did a pollada (chicken, salad, and potatoes), and neighbors and the ward members buy it. They asked us to help. We walked in and they have a big red bucket FILLED with like 200 chicken breasts. And they had a bucket with the heads, feet, intestines, etc. So, we started peeling the first layer of skin off the feet. And then, Hna Rincon pulls out a part of the chicken (we both didn't know what it was) and starts playing with it. She squeezes it a little too hard, and a flood of yellow and black stuff come out. My comp screams, the daughter comes over and asked what happened - then she tells us that she was playing with the gizzard (MOLLEJAS - I've talked about them like 20 times if you remember...) GOOD TIMES, AND GOOD MEMORIES.
Okay and the second funny story - yesterday our District leader, Elder Christofferson, starts telling us a story, that he went to go interview a guy for his baptism. He starts the interview, asks him how he feels about his baptism. He tells Elder Christofferson, "Good, I'm just as excited as I was the first time I got baptized". Elder Christofferson asked him "Oh, you were baptized in the Catholic church?" he says, "No, I was baptized in THIS church". hahahahaha So yeah, that's the story when 2 elders were about to baptize a member, again. Now the joke here is "Enseñamos arrepentimiento, y bautizamos menos activos"  (our mish logo is "Enseñamos arrepentimiento y bautizamos conversos") 
Anyways, these were some of my week´s highlights.
We also saw miracles this week - we have 4 people preparing to be baptized this month, and we are super excited.
Transfers are tonight, but I am almost positive I'll be here for another transfer :-)
I love you all, and I hope you always remember to strengthen your testimonies. And if you don't have one, start looking. But I have definitely found mine!
All my love, 

Hermana andreasen


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