February 4, 2019


Queen Creek, AZ


Hermana Rincón

Let there be water

Hola loved ones!I We woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday, and there was WATER. Happy day!
We went to el parque de la Leyendas - a flood of memories from the Phoenix Zoo with the fam. Good times! Plus, we saw a giraffe. If that doesn't make my whole week, I don't know what does!
We saw a ton of miracles this week also!! On Tuesday after our Zone Conference we taught Hno Juan about God's plan and how he can live with his daughter again, and we put a baptismal date for them both! Other miracle about the miracle... We found Lorenza a few weeks ago, because she approached us and asked us to pray for her because she is sick. We had Elder Christofferson and Elder Chávez give her a blessing. After that, we visat her a few times in the church, and that sunday she came to church. She doesn't have phone, we don't know her address, NOTHING. We had an appointment with her last week at the church, and we got there like 10 mins late, and she wasn't there. So we just prayed that she would show up the second Sunday, and she didn't. So we fasted this week to find her, and when the doors opened after the sacrament, in walks Lorenza! What a blessing!
We put in our planification "antiguos investigadores in Canto Chico" aka to look for old investigators in one of the hills we have. We knocked on  the door of one address, nothing. We turned the other street, my companion walked ahead, I told her to come back because I found one of the addresses. It was an apartment of like 6 floors, and we didn't have his number, and when that happens we just about NEVER find them because they can't hear when we shout their names. A man was opening the door to enter the apartment, I asked if he knows Gael, he told us that was him. We talked to him about when he talked to the missionaries before, and he told us he had a MOUNTAIN of doubts. We answered his questions with the Bible, which was super amazing, because I feel like I don't know the Bible super well. When we told him about Joseph Smith he was SO interested -like I've never seen someone react that well to the First Vision. We assigned him like 4 parts of the Book of Mormon to read, and 3 videos of the church to look up. He was a miracle!
Well folks, I think that's all the important stuff for now.But I just hope you all remember that I love this Gospel! Yesterday marked a year since I was in the temple with all my family, and when my dear Grandpa Andreasen passed away. But being out here, telling people on the streets that THEIR families can be for forever makes everything worth it.
I am so thankful my parents taught me in my youth to stay strong the Gospel, and for the opportunity to be bere in good ol´ Perú.
Lots of love!!!

Hermana Andreasen


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