January 21, 2019


Canto Chico


Hermana Rincón

A place drier than Arizona!

Welllll - this week was a good one! And, it was an adventure. 
Okay, story time.Last Sunday (8 days ago) we went home after church, and there wasn't any water. On Monday, still no water. Tuesday, tampoco. Then, a member of our ward took us to lunch and told us that there isn't water for all of San Juan (half of the whole mission). Why you ask? Because on Saturday, the pipes that take all the dirty water (from the bathroom, if you know what I mean) bursted, and flooded the streets like 6 blocks from our house. So, they have closed off all direct water stream for all of San Juan, until they fix the pipe that broke, so it doesn't continue to flood the streets. But don´t worry, we are completely safe over here because we live more up on the hill, so it's impossible that the water will come over here. So the adventure (and trial) of this week has been the water. Rumor has it that the water won't come back till the end of Feb, but some say it will come back today in the afternoon, who knows.   So you can see that Philmont helped a lot!!!!  And our converso Carlos está trayéndonos agua cada día hasta nuestra puerta!! jeje, lo máximo! Y la misión está trayendo agua filtrada a la estaca cada 2 días, so that's where we're getting our water from.
But the best thing about all of this is that there are SEVERAL service opportunities in the streets :-)But really, we are doing good! 
We are preparing 2 baptismal services for this week! If you can, pray for Fidel and Antonio so that their baptisms will go over smoothly :-)
Well, I´ve been studying a lot this week on how to be humble and meek. If you think back on the life of Jesus Christ, He never boasted about how He was the Son of God, nor that He was perfect. He never once judged others because they were sinners. In fact, HE was the one who served more than anyone else. He washed the feet of others, He was in the streets teaching people, and He was crucified and made fun of. So, if the Savior of the World was oh so humble and served in every way He could, who are we to judge others?
I read 3rd Nephi 14 this week, and it teaches us UN MONTÓN about how we are no one to judge others. I know there is always room to improve, and be more humble :-)
I love you all, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here in Perú, serving our Lord!

Be strong and PRAY!

Hermana Samantha Andreasen


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