December 24, 2018


Queen Creek, AZ


Hermana Evans

A Christmas in San Juan

Hello everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE.
This week was the baptism of Shaira, she is sooo amazing wow! It sure was a beautiful baptismal service. 
Also on Tuesday we went to the temple! Oh how I love that place. I received a lot of personal revelation from the Lord, and I know that He heard my many prayers leading up to that day.
On Saturday we were walking out of the chapel and I tried to step off the curb to walk towards a car, and I fell suuuper hard on my ankle and I am pretty sure I sprained it. But, I can still walk normal, it just hurts. So anyway, that's an adventure!
Christmas in Perú (and all of South and Central America) is different than in the US - they celebrate at midnight, with tons of fireworks, then they eat dinner, do presents, dance, watch movies, and have their huge parties. But as missionaries, that's all different haha because we have to be in the house - so tonight at midnight, we will enjoy watching the fireworks from our apartment window :)Plus Perú is in summer here, so the whole basic "white Christmas" now is a "sunburnt-Sam Navidad."
We had a beautiful Sacrament meeting yesterday - a choir sang, and our bishop talked. He explained the perfect plan that our Heavenly Father created for us. How each and every one of us chose to come to this earth, at this time. How the Father KNEW that we would all make mistakes. That we would need someone to save us, and he let His son descend from the Heavens, for us. He invited us to think about how much we think about the Savior during the year - do we only think about Him the month of December, because there are a lot of nativities in the houses and carols playing on the streets that make us remember Him?
We don't celebrate Christmas to receive or give gifts covered in paper and wrapped in ribbon. Nor to eat a bucket-load of food and candy. But we do celebrate Christmas because the dear Son of God came into the earth to save us all. This Christmas, what can we give to the Savior of the world? Obviously we are not going to give Him a physical gift. But we can give Him something of ourselves - trying to be better. 
So, I hope you all have a great Christmas - not because of the gifts or the food, but because you all remember WHY we celebrate Christmas, and you find something to give to the Savior of the World :-)
I love you all!!!
Hermana Andreasen
PS I am super excited to talk to my beautiful family tomorrow!


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