December 17, 2018


Canto Chico


Hermana Evans

A smile a day keeps the doctor away

Hey what's up hello friends and family?? Another week out here in good ol´ Lima!
A huge blessing from this week... ready? Okay, to be honest it is a little lame and strange, but I know that it was sent from Heavenly Father, so yeah, I'm gonna tell you all haha. Okay, so there is this food called Lomo Saltado. And, it is my favorite. It's rice and french fries, steak, tomato, onion, etc.and, it is SO DANG DELICIOUS. Okay, back to the story. We visited an investigator on Tuesday, and she gave us fish. My fish was normal,  but my companion's had its head and eyes still. So I was eating mine, super glad that mine didn't have its eyes and head, and then, I flip mine over and I see its poor eye staring at me... I screamed a little, and yeah was super stunned. And okay like normally it's whatever, but whenever I think of or see fish, I think of my Grandpa Andreasen. And so yeah I had a little freak out and also was scared bc yeah I didn't want to eat a fish head, but when she wasn't looking my comp took it and ate it. ANYWAYS. so later in the week, we were waiting outside that hermana's house, and I knew that she was gonna make us dinner again. And I had a really strong craving for lomo saltado. I did a mini prayer in my head asking Father to send me lomo saltado (weird, I know haha). We are in the sister's house, and I look in her sink and she was washing the same type of fish, and I knew she was gonna prepare that for us again. We were talking around her table, and she asked us what foods we like. I told her I love lomo saltado, and all the sudden she gets up, starts cutting tomato and onion, we ask her what she is doing, and she told me she is gonna make us lomo, instead of fish.... SO YEAH. I know that this experience is a lil silly and weird but it's the little things!! Haha I know that Father heard my prayers, and sent me lomo saltado :)
But yeah this week was super great. We climbed up the mountain again on Saturday, and brought Hermano Raul Panetón (fruit cake thing) and other food for his family.
I taught English class on Tuesday for the first time - interesting.
This week we had the opportunity to have Elder Montoya from the 70 here with us!! And I want to share some points that really stood out to me.
When we smile with people on the street, that is a connection of a child of God with another child of God. When we have the Light of Christ with us, and we SMILE, people truly can feel that Spirit. so, smile more!
That if missionaries don't have the Spirit with us, we are just YSA (young single adults) with a name tag. This work is so important to me. To be able to become Hermana Andreasen, and put everything on hold - to just serve for 18 months, and try to become more like the Savior. And if I don't have the Spirit with me, or if I am not trying my hardest. then what am I doing here? 
And last but not least, about the Plan from the Father. That when problems come into our lives, to identify them as what they are - trials! So when something doesn't work out, or times are hard, to just stop and think "oh yeah, obviously I am going to have hard times - its part of the plan!" And to just remember, that you are NEVER alone :)
Well, I just want to take a minute and share my thoughts with you all.
No, this mission has not been easy for me - and maybe it has been harder than I have expressed to you all, but I know that being out here, sacrificing 18 months of my life is 100% worth it.
I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I know that Father truly does hear our prayers. That we truly did live with Him before this life, and we chose THIS plan of happiness.
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of the Father, and I am a witness that this church is true. And, I know that the Lord hears your prayers, and cares about you more than anything in this world.
I love you all, and I hope you have a great week.
Be strong and pray,

Hermana Andreasen

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