December 10, 2018


Canto Chico


Hermana Evans

Mountains to climb and a long lost sister

Hello everyone! Wow how crazy the year flew by!
Yesterday there were elections in Peru for something, so we couldn't have church reunions. 
This week was super good. We have been working hard preparing Hermano Carlos to be baptized. He is a chofer so he works from 5 am to 11 pm - aka, sure hard to visit him. We have lessons through the phone with him. haha, that was a first! trying to explain the plan of God for us through the phone. But yesterday he called  us and told us he didn't have to work! So, we hurried and planned his baptism. It was a little hard for me because only 2 members showed up because of the elections, and so we had to clean and fill the baptismal font.(attaching photos) But, I learned that it doesn't matter how many people show up! What matters is that one more child of God is going to be able to enter into his kingdom - that Brother Carlos made a very important covenant with our Father. How amazing is that!
We met a brother on the street, and he asked us to go visit him. On Saturday we tried to find his house, but everyone we asked told us that his address doesn't exist, or that it is so high up on the mountain and dangerous. But, I felt very strongly that we had to visit him sí o sí. So for about 40 minutes we continued to look, and tried to climb this huge hill/mountain. Finally, we found his house - and sure enough his house was the highest house on the whole mountain. We definitely needed to visit him, because their family needs a lot of help economically, and they sure need God. Attaching a picture of their house.
But also, the Lord directed us to visit them because guess who were their neighbors? a family who had talked to many missionaries before. They have investigated the church so much that they have 3 libros de mormon and has a book of mormon in English. And look, if we had given up and not climbed that super scary, sketchy mountain, we would have never found those 2 families. Miracles do exist!
So Christmas in Peru is very different. On the 24th at midnight, they all go in the street (or chill in the house) and light fireworks, then they all eat Christmas dinner, and do presents. Then 25th during the day they sleep or hang out as a family.
Also a very Peruano tradition is to drink hot chocolate (even though it is summer here) and eat Panetón (like fruit cake? kinda?) So, we are going to eat a bucket load of Panetón this Christmas!!
Aaaand a brother in the ward gave us a whole Panetón that we definitely wont be able to eat... attaching photo!
A sister in the ward was separated from her parents at a very young age, so she actually doesn't know how old she is. But, doctors have done tests on her and they say she is 99 years old...attaching a picture also!! I have learned that Peruanos look very good for their age!
Now, for the blessing of my week. I have been having a little rough patch these past few weeks, and I have been praying to find solutions and find peace. And on Wednesday night, our sister training leaders called us, saying that we are going to have splits. I had heard a lot about Sister Byers with whom I was called to go with, and was excited to get to know her. I continued to pray to find comfort and answers. And wow can I just say that I know our dear Father heard my prayers. And, he sent me the peace I was looking for through such a beautiful sister! The trials I have been facing, Sister Byers went through the same things. She is such an amazing daughter of God, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have worked with her for a day. I know Father answers our prayers!
I love you all so much, and I love the work. 

Be strong and pray, 

Hermana Andreasen


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