December 3, 2018


Canto Chico


Hermana Evans

An Andreasen area

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a great last few days!
Now, for why Canto Chico is an "Andreasen area". We were having Family Home Evening in our bishop's house, and he started taking a video of me asking me when is my birthday, what I like to do, who is my favorite sibling and who is my favorite cousin. I WAS SUPER CONFUSED, and I just ignored it. Then as we were leaving, he shows me a picture of my cousin Caysen. I immediately started crying, because I have been waiting for a while for someone to tell me that they know my cousin. I knew he served in my same mission, but not in this area! So this week I have been asking people if they remember him, and they love to tell me stories about him when he served here. Small world!!
Hermana Evans has completed 1 year on the mission this week, so, I threw a little party. Pizza, cake (not recommended, lol), balloons and a gift. But, I also bought this like streamer popper type thing (I don't know what you call that in the US). So Hermana Evans was sitting in the kitchen, waiting for me to get everything ready for her "surprise". As I was getting everything ready, I realized I had no idea how to use the streamer thing - PLUS, the instructions were all in Spanish and they were fancy hard words I never learned. so yeah that was a lil embarrassing, but an interesting experience.
But this week was a good one for us. We have 2 people with baptismal date, and they are THE best! 
Funny story yesterday we were walking and I saw a shadow and got SUPER SCARED BECAUSE SOMEONE WAS SUPER CLOSE TO ME, then I realized... "oh... that's my shadow". awkward. Hermana Evans thought it was HILARIOUS, and so did I.
This week started December.... what. Where did the year go!!! Feels like just yesterday I was living in the freezing snow in Idaho, making "freaky fast" sandwiches (Jimmy Johns)!
But, December means.... Christmas! Also means "Light the World" initiative from the church. We cleaned the church and the streets on Saturday as a stake. I am going to try this month of December to focus on being more Christ-like - to serve others more, and always be the happiest I can. Everyone has problems in their lives, everyone has super hard days where they don't want to go to work or face their trials, but, if we focus OUTWARD and try to become more like our Savior, we, in the end, will resolve our own problems and receive more blessings from the Lord. Just a thought :)
So, this month I am going to try my best to become a better "Hermana Andreasen".
I love you all, and I love the work. I hope you all have a great week!


Hermana Andreasen


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