November 26, 2018


Canto Chico


Hermana Evans

"Pero hermana, tu no eres peliroja"

Hello from Canto Chico!
On Tuesday morning we had transfers, and I left my dear Hermana Zuasnabar and my beloved area Santa Luzmila. But, everything happens for a reason.
Our area and our zone is called Canto Chico. Santa Luzmila was in the half of the mission called Comas, and now I'm in San Juan. They are very different - Comas is more of city, where there is green, and San Juan is dirt, hills and MORE SUN. But I am loving our new area.
The people here in Canto Chico are amazing. I don't know what it is, but since the moment I was dropped off in this area I felt like it was right - that I am supposed to be here. That this is going to be my new home for the next who knows how long, and that I will love it. I felt a connection with every person we have met so far, and I have been able to be more of my true "Samantha" self. Basically, I am happy here.
My companion is Hermana Evans, from Panama. I don't know if any of you remember me talking about Hermana Knowles - Knowles was my companion in the CCM from Washington, and we were the only hermanas coming to our mission. She is one of my best friends! Anyways, Hermana Knowles was here in this area with Hermana Evans, and she left for Comas and I arrived here in San Juan. Sad because we are now on opposite sides of the mish, but happy because I have a lot of ways to remember her by :) Haha, everyone says we look alike, but besides the fact that we are both Nortamericanos, there is nothing else in my opinion. I try to explain how I am a redhead, and she is blonde. But, no one believes me! So I guess I am not a redhead, lol.
But my companion is super awesome. She helps me a lot and we are working super hard to make December a great month and to witness a lot of miracles.
We had a baptism this week! Sofia, she's 9 years old and she was so excited to be baptized :)
I am excited to keep learning and growing more as a person, and to work super hard in this area!
I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Andreasen


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