November 19, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Zuasnabar

A lost cellphone and a run over name tag

Esta semana estuvo super cheveré!
On Thursday was zone conference and wow we learned a lot. The new LIGHT THE WORLD initiative for December is going to be SO AMAZING! If you haven't heard of it, look it up haha, it's going to be so great.
Okay story time. So, Hermana Zuasnabar and I decided to fast on Saturday. We went to the dentist for me (scary experience going to the dentist in Peru without my mom but it's fine, I'mm fine), and then we went to lunch. HZ received a call from another missionary, then we took 2 motos up to the area of the elders, to help them for a little. When we arrived at the chapel of the elders, we started our fast. And then... we realized that we lost the phone. HZ thought that it was at the member's house, so we went there. Her nephew told us that she was at our chapel for an activity, so we called her from his number, and she told us that she had our phone at the chapel. So we went to the church and we asked her "ya hermana donde esta nuestro celular?" and she tells us "si hermana, mi celular está acá," and it turns out she didn't have our celular, and she thought for some reason we were looking for her phone... haha ughhhh. So, we prayed to try to find our phone. We went back to the activity to call our phone from a brother's phone, and nothing. Not to mention there was SO MUCH food at the activity and so many members were coming up to us offering food hahaha - super hard. So, we just kept visiting people, having hope that we would find our phone. Plus it was super hard to not have a phone for Sunday, because we had so many people we had to call to remind to come to church. But as the night went on, we started to get a little sad. We just kept working, we were SUPER tired, I don't even know why. We were waiting outside the house of an hermana, and I went to touch my name tag and IT WAS GONE. It fell somewhere... That was my only name tag because the other one was missing the magnet part. I started freaking out and I honestly got a little annoyed... I was wondering why bad things were happening when we were doing something so good as fasting. We backtracked our steps and I was blaming God, and then I realized "Where is my faith?" So, I said a little prayer, and told God that I trusted Him, and I stopped putting all the blame on Him. About 2 minutes later, we found my name tag. There it was, lying in the middle of the road, and it had been run over by cars haha. But I had my name tag! Interesting that as soon as my attitude changed and I decided to trust God, that's when our results changed. So yeah, even though my name tag is broken and ugly and has tire marks, I am going to use it every day to remind me to not doubt.
As of right now we have 5 people preparing to be baptized. 5 more people who will make a covenant with God and who will now receive the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Exciting things are happening in Santa Luzmila!
Well, tonight are transfers. In our mission at 10:00 at night they let us know if we are going or staying. I am pretty sure I am going to be transferred, because I now have 4 months here. But, it's in the Lord's hands.
I have seen so many miracles this week, and I know that the Lord is so very aware of us and our feelings. 
Thanksgiving doesn't exist in Perú, but I am THANKFUL for all of you! I am thankful for the Gospel and how it was changed ME as a person, and made me better.
Love you all!


Hermana Andreasen


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