November 12, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Zuasnabar

English classes and sunscreen

Friends and family, I hope all is going just great in los Estados Unidos! I completed 5 months in Perú this week. Crazy!
Not much to report this week, but just know that we are happy, alive, and healthy.
On Monday we had a p-day de zona, where we played games and had tacos from MEXICO! So, all my peeps out there in Mexico, we are living on your delicious legacy out here in Perú.
Wow, the sun has started to come out this week and I swear just about every member or person we visit MAKES me use sunscreen, haha. It has reminded me a lot of my dear mother and father - so yes, everyone, I am using sunscreen now. haha
The members in our ward are THE best, they are helping us so much with Clarismar. Just about every day they bring clothes, or food for her and her son. She truly is so amazing, and is progressing well. We bought her a triple from the temple, and she loves to read Doctrine and Covenants with us!
We met more Venezolanos this week, wow I love the people from Venezuela. They are so humble. In my opinion, when bad things happen to people they tooo easily point the blame at God. They wonder why he is punishing them. But truly, God only gives trials and hardships to the people who are strong enough to handle it. And many of the Venezolanos we meet know that - when we ask them how they are, they are quick to remember the Lord, their God. They say "bien, gracias a Dios." They are such a great example to me that everything we have and everything good is THANKS to our Heavenly Father.
Here in Perú, so many people want to learn English! I am pretty sure that is the case for many South American countries. An elder here teaches English classes every Wednesday night for an hour - haha, so when people on the street shout English words at me like, "hello, good day" or something, I respond in English, and run to them inviting them to the clases de inglés and then later in the week we teach them about the Gospel! haha. It's a great way to meet new peoples.
The biggest thing that I have learned this week, that I want to share with you all, is that everything will pass. Every single trial we have in our lives will come to an end at one point or another. It is so easy (so easy!) to get caught up in the world, in the difficulties of life, and not think about the big picture. Some days I feel so sad and down, but it's because I am not focusing on the fact that I am a daughter of a Father who is all powerful - I am not thinking of the plan that God created for us, and the knowledge that this trial will come to an end! Whether it be in 6 weeks at the end of this transfer in my mission, whether it be in 13 months when I get to see my dear family, or if it be when I am no longer on the earth and all pains and sicknesses pass. Are you thinking in that way? Are you trusting in the absolute PERFECT plan that YOUR Father created for you? Just remember, that He knows you perfectly perfect, and He is very aware of your situation and your difficulties.
Well, I love you all. I give thanks every day and night to my Heavenly Father that I have the opportunity to be a missionary in the most important work on this earth. I feel so blessed!
All my love,

Hermana Andreasen


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