October 1, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez

A move, and another move

Hello friends and family! We are still here in Santa Luzmila, and things are going great. We moved our apartment this week, that was a little hard, haha, but our ward members are THE best! We moved from our apartment on the 4th floor of our really small, narrow apartment, and now we live next to members. The brothers in our ward helped us move everything! And now we are safe in our new apartment, and everything is great :) Plus, the new apartment is my fave color, so I'm happy, haha.
And then on Saturday night, we went to go visit Grecia, and her family was moving their house from the 1st story to the 4th, so, we helped them. Basically we moved a lot of stuff this week haha. And once again, the members of our ward came to help Grecia and her family move! Like I said, they are the best!!!!
Yesterday was great at church! Right before the reunions started, we went to Miley's house to go with them to church, and Miley, her cousin and her brother came out telling us that they couldn't go to church until they found a super important paper for their grandpa's will. So, we helped them look for it! We were looking, it was almost time to be at church, so I asked Miley if she said a prayer yet. She told me no, so Miley offered a very simple prayer, and after the prayer ended, 2 seconds my companion opened a drawer, and there was the paper. The 3 children screamed, tackled us hugging us, they were SO happy! We were able to go to church together. This experience taught Miley and her family, as well as me and my companion, that our dear Heavenly Father really does hear and answer our prayers! We just need to ask Him.
An hermana from the ward lived in the Selva (the jungle) in Iquitos, she told us some crazy fun stories from growing up there! Like waking up in the morning and an iguana was face to face with her... haha. Her stories made Hermana Chávez and me want to go there!
Because we were really busy moving this week, we didn't have all our normal time to teach lessons and to visit people. That was a little hard, because Sunday came and we still didn't have as much success as we should have for the week. But we fasted on Sunday, and Sunday night, we were walking on calle Argentina, and we remembered a man we helped a few weeks ago in his work. We haven't been able to find him since that day, but last night we found him! So we taught him and his son, and they are very excited to learn more. And then we visited a friend of a youth in our ward and her family, as well as her sick grandpa who is a member of the church, but hasn't gone to church in years. So, just in 1 hour, we found 5 new people to teach, who were very receptive to our message. The power of fast is real people!
I received a package of letters from my friends and family back at home, for those of you who wrote to me, THANK YOU! I received the letters in just the moment that I needed them :)Well, I love being a missionary. I love trying to become better everyday, and become more like the idea of "Hermana Andreasen" that I want to become. The Gospel is so amazing and really can help every person, in every situation. If you all read or take anything from me being out here on my mission is that I KNOW that the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true.
I know and have received a witness of the truthfulness of Heavenly Father. I know that if we do as directed in James 1:5, we WILL receive an answer to our prayers.
The biggest thing that I learned this week to become better and to better enjoy my mission was something Eliza told me once, as well as many of you. Is that "I determine the outcome of my mission". I find myself many days just going through the motions, not always thinking positive, and easily getting irritated. But, I determine how my day, and my whole mission will turn out! It all depends on ME, not on my companion, not on our investigators or the dogs in the street who bark and chase us, but all on me and how I CHOOSE to live.  I love this gospel, and I love you all.

Be strong and pray,



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