September 24, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez

The email my dad's been waiting for...

Hello everyone!!! This week was GREAT!
We have been working hard out here in Santa Luzmila, and we have seen the fruits from our labors :-)
We went to Lima Central last week for P-day with other hermanas!! We saw a lot of North American tourists, they all looked so lost, haha. But it was so fun! They have all the Cathedrals and the fountains and the country capital building is there, it looked and felt like we were in Rome, it was so great. Sending pics of it!
We have been working with the Carpeta de Area (area book, with the records of the people we are teaching), and we came across a lot of people who had talked to the missionaries before, so we have been visiting, hoping that now is there time to come to the Gospel. And thanks to the carpeta de area, we met Jonathan! Ahh, he is the best, he is progressing well, I can tell that our amazing Father in Heaven has been preparing him to accept our visits. So great!
Also Miley is progressing well :) Miley is 9, and she loves to read the Book of Mormon, and she loved church yesterday. The primary in our ward is preparing for the primary program next week, so she loved to sing the songs with the other kids! She wants to be baptized as soon as possible, with her best friend. SHES SO PERFECT!
Yesterday at church was the best! We talked about the temples, and how important they are. Our investigadores see that temple work is important, and that we need to strengthen ourselves here on this earth while we have time, so we will be prepared for the life to come. It was so great.
This week we went on "splits" with our Hermana Leaders, so I was here in my area with Hermana Zuñiga. That was super stressful, to be honest, but I love her! She helped our area so much, and I learned so much from her.
Now for why my dad has been waiting for this email... we ate cuy this week!!!! I was sooo nervous, because cuy is a very expensive plate here. Ohhh sorry, cuy is Guinea pig. But yeah! Hermana Maria made us cuy because she knew I had never tried it, and I wanted to because of my dad, lol, so we ate it! It was actually really good! It is sooooo suave and delicate, but it is rico. The poor Guniea pig's hand was still attached, so that was a little hard for me to eat around because I felt so bad, but it was really delicious!! So yeah!!
Something that I learned this week was about faith - about how important it is to have faith! Our beloved Heavenly Father is there, ready to help us, but we just need to first exercise faith. Without faith, we are just asking God for something, but we need to SHOW Him that we are receptive and ready to WORK for what we want Him to bless or help us with. That's a lesson I learned this week, that we need to do our part, holding strong and trusting God, in order for Him to bless us :-)
Okay for those of you who know Spanish, heres a joke for yah.
Por qué los Lamanitas tenián arrugas en su ropa?
Por qué ellos no tenián LAS PLANCHASSSSSS
(Ed: Joke in English would be something like "Why did the Lamanites eat their food on the ground? Because they didn't have the plates! But in Spanish it comes out as wrinkly clothes and an iron/)
Well I love you all, thank you for the constant support and love.
Hermana Andreasen


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