September 10, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez

3 months in Perú!

Hello everyone!!

This week marked 3 months in Perú, where did the time go?? 3 months of serving Heavenly Father, 3 months having my amazing family name on my chest as well as the name of the Savior of the world, and 3 months of loving the Peruvian people. Been a great time.

This week was so great! Our investigators are progressing well, and we are working great here in Santa Luzmila. Hermano Sebastian is LO MAXIMO. He is THE best. He has such a strong testimony. He is a little nervous for his baptism, but who wouldn't be? It is this Saturday!

Our other baptism for this Saturday is no more, I am pretty sure it was just a joke. He took the lessons years ago and had a baptismal date, but when we asked him about it, he "forgot", and he has been ignoring our calls and didn't go to church yesterday, so yeah, as of right now, only Sebas will be baptized this Saturday. We had "blitz" in our area and in the areas of 2 elders this week. "Blitz" means like bombs in English, basically all the missionaries in the district go to one area and contact people, have lessons with members, etc to help out that area. I am so thankful for the elders in our district! We are gonna go to the temple tomorrow with Hermana Grecia and give her a tour, Ii LOVE going to the temple! I'm super excited.

Okay funny story time. I took a vid explaining this but Iimma explain it again. So there are these things here that everyone sells that look like "cake balls" that we have in the US. Anyways, one day Ii decided to try one. They are called "besos de mosa", and so I told the guy "unbeso de mosa porfa" and he's like "claro" and then I was getting the money from my bag and he said something else to me and I didn't really hear him and I was like "uh huh yeah" but people, hahahah he said "ya hermanita un beso para mi?!!?" that means "yeahhhhh a kiss for me??" and I said "uh huh yeah". I didn't give him a kiss, but yeah that's the story when I told a 70 year old man I would kiss him. Anways. Hahanow.

I wanna take a minute and share something that I learned this week. People I'd be lying if I said that my mission has been easy for me. I have struggled, a lot. But something that I have come to love is prayer - I have talked about my love for prayer in my other emails, but this week, I have learned that prayers are ALWAYS answered. I have been praying for 2 months about a very important matter for me, and just this week I received my answer. This week, I realized that we need to be patient with Heavenly Father - we need to trust in Him, and in His timing. The Lord hears you, and he will answer you, when you most need it. BE PATIENT. USE EVERY OUNCE OF FAITH YOU HAVE IN HIM. I promise with everything I have that He.Will.Answer.You.

Oh something cool I learned!! There is a painting of Jesus Christ when we came to the Americas (3 Nephi 11, the Book of Mormon), and He is standing showing everyone the marks on His hands, and people are gathered around Him. Something i didn't know was that the artist of this photo painted himself. Guess what person he is in the photo - the person kneeling, weeping, with his face in his hands. Someone asked him why he portrayed himself like that, and he said "because I am nowhere ready to meet the Lord". I LOVE this story. If Jesus Christ came today, would we run up to him feeling guiltless? Or would we be hesitant and scared? It is a great motivation for me to try to be better. To try to be PREPARED to meet the Savior of the world.

Something else I realized this week is that everything we do that is good, we do it for our love of Heavenly Father. We obey the commandments because we love Him, we go to church because we love Him, and we serve others because why? Because we love Him! Our love for Him is, or should, be our motivation to be better, to progress, and to help others. Anyways, just a thought from Hermana Andreasen for you all!

I love you all, thanks for all the emails and support and prayers!!!



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