August 20, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez

A cold, The House of the Lord, and an anti-Chilean

Hello world! How is everyone doing?? 
Life is good out here in Perú. This week literally went by so fast wow okay. Last Monday we went to the cerros next to our house, oh in English that means hills. We took some great pictures. So pretty. Perú is so gorgeous! 
Okay so for the title of this email. Yeah, I got a cold this week, oh my heavens not fun haha but it's okay, I'm getting better. 
The House of the Lord, aka the TEMPLE. Ahhh it was so gorgeous. In our mission, we can go once a transfer (6 weeks) with people who have been baptized recently. On Wednesday we went to the temple with Adrian who was baptized the week before I got here. it was so amazing, oh how I love the temple. The Spirit that can be felt there is absolutely amazing. Oh also we got to see missionaries from the CCM! And most importantly, I got to see Hermana Mayberry. Haha I know she is going to read this, I love her so much! Her sister is Nora Johnson from Queen Creek, I love them both with all my heart. But yeah, I got off the bus with my companion and with Adrian and his girlfriend, and the first person I saw was hermana Mayberry and the tears started rolling! That was definitely a tender mercy from the Lord to see her. Anyways. loved the temple!
Okay the anti-Chilean story. It is actually quite scary. We were walking to go meet a referral, and an hermano approached us. He started talking to us, asked where we were from, and when Hermana Chávez said Chile, he wouldn't talk to a Chilean and he only wanted to talk to me about our message. I bore my testimony about the BOM. We told we had to go because we both felt so uncomfortable about the situation, he asked to shake hermana Chavez's hand and he did so so strong and staring into her eyes, he wouldn't let go of her hand.  We started to walk away fast and he followed us, so we told him to stay there and we started running away, saying a prayer and he stopped following us. Ah so scary, Hermana Vhavez started crying, but yeah we are allllll good.  The Lord was watching over us!!
An hermana in our ward has a granddaughter who was sick and returned from the hospital.  We went to visit her and we asked 2 hermanos from the ward to give her a blessing. We went to visit her the next day and she was so much better, she was standing and eating, which was such an improvement from the day before. We had the opportunity to teach lesson 1 to the family, and her grandson Sebastian (13 years old) attended church yesterday.  Also, we are progressing very well with Hermano Cesar and his family. We had an appointment with him this week, and we got to meet his sister Doris. She is the best! Hermana Doris, Cesar, Julia (Cesar's wife) and their friend Soyla all attended church yesterday and LOVED IT. At the end Doris was almost in tears, hugged us so tight and said thank you about 10 times. So amazing. We are still working with Marco and Alejandro, the Venesolanos who have their parejas in Venezuela. Our district leader said we need to focus on them more. They have such strong testimonies.

Yesterday was so glorious. We had 9 Investigadores attend church, it was so amazing. We have been struggling getting our investigators to get to church, but the Lord heard our prayers. So great. Oh also we both gave talks yesterday, hahha let me tell ya it's really intimidating to preach in front of 100 people in a language you aren't very good at. But it went well! lol
Random fact: okay people here eat the Halls cough drops we have in the US as candy, like they sell them in rolls in the lines at the stores, I ate one bc i thought it was like actual candy, but no it's a cough drop. Not a fan of that haha
I gave our neighbor a haircut, brought back memories of EVIT (my cosmo school i went to) so that was fun!
Well thanks for all the support. I love you all! 
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Hermana Andreasen


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