August 13, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez

Blessings of contacting and more strange food

Hola queridos amigos y familia!!

This week was so good. Oh how I love being a missionary out here in Perú. We have been working so hard to get more INCAS (investigadores con asistencias) because that is the way we will have baptisms here. We have been contacting more and more everyday.

One day we were contacting on the road Estados Unidos, y we found an elderly man named Cesar, y we got his information and visited him later in the week. Side note, SO many people here are Catholic, entonces at times I get a little concerned, because I don't want to impose on their religion and their beliefs, anyways so we visited him later in the week and we taught his daughter as well, and ah it went so well. Heavenly Father really knew that I was so scared to teach them because they are extremely Catholic, y I know that the Holy Ghost helped soften their hearts. We visited him on Saturday and wanted to make sure he could come to church on Sunday, but he had a funeral, entonces it was a really sensitive subject, but we taught Juan 6: 53 - 56 (which by the way are such great scriptures for missionaries lol) which teaches about how if we eat of the Savior's body and drink his blood, this is the ONLY way we can have eternal life. And well, obviously we aren't going to actually eat His body and drink His blood, but we can partake of the Sacrament every Sunday. There is NO other way to have eternal life and be cleansed of our sins every week, and we also teach of verse 66 which says how there were many people who turned away and didn't follow Him. Anyways, so we taught him this, and he said he needed to talk with his wife and see if they could come to church with us on Sunday.

On Sunday as the meetings started, I looked around and noticed none of our investigators were there and I was sooo discouraged and sad. I said a prayer to myself that we could have an investigator, because attending church is so important. And no joke 1 minute later walks in Cesar and his wife. AHHHHH so amazing I cried it was so incredible. And even better, they LOVED church, and they are so excited to come back.

Wow people it was so incredible. God is real.Pues this week I ate more cow stomach and that was interesting, also I tried Anticucho, which is basically cow heart and it was actually good! We had it at a suuuuper nice restaurant a member took us to. We will see if I like it if I have it in the future.

Well everyone, this gospel is true. Oh how amazing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. I have learned so much out here on my mission, about myself and about this amazing church. I have learned that Heavenly Father is real, and that he really loves us, more than we know. I have learned that the Book of Mormon is true and is really the word of God.

I love you all, and I'm so thankful that I can be a missionary here at this time!!

Be strong and DONT FORGET TO PRAY.chao!!


I made "Papa's famous," and they loved it!
Map of our area
Hermana Chavez and I on tren
Lunch at member's home - lots of food
Hmna Chavez and I in front of "my wall"
Me at the dentist repairing my teeth
Macarena, cutest dog


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