August 6, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez

2 months!!!

Friends!! Family!! Hi!! haha I love and miss you all. What a great week! Went by fast, that's for sure.
We contacted a lot, I need to learn to like contacting more haha. Not a lot of major things happened this week. We had a lot of lessons, have a lot of news this week too. I had my first entrevista with President this week, that was so nice to talk with him about the things that I have been struggling with, he gave me counsel that I needed to hear, so that interview was definitely inspired. We also had intercambios this week, they are splits, so I went with Hermana Zuñega for a day to her area. She is from Lima East, aka she lives 30 minutes away from here. She taught me so much. She is an hermana capacitadora. She also was a trainer to another gringa hermana a few months back, but la verdad she is amazing. We did our fast on Saturday to Sunday for INCAS (investigadores con asistencias aka investigadors who attend church the times they need to be baptized) because last week, we had none. We went to church with Timotea and her sister and her daughter. Timotea is the hermana who owns the greenhouse that I take pictures in at times haha. She is lo maximo! Pero she is not married, and doesn't really seem interested in getting married, and she needs to be married to be baptized, so it's dificil. We also had Alejandro at church yesterday!!! ahh people!!! He is the BEST! He KNOWS the church is true, he has such a strong testimony. He is from Venezuela, and I love teaching him, because this gospel is a message of HOPE!We meet so many people from venezuela every day, such horrible things are happening over there. Absolutely horrible. Entonces we love to teach them, talk about the Gospel, because this gospel can help BASTANTE! I love this Gospel. Anyways, back to Alejandro. I can't remember if I talked about him before, but he has his pareja y su hija in Venezuela, and Alejandro kind of explained marriage and why it is important for this church, so yesterday we got the address of his family, and we are going to ask missionaries to go there and teach them the importance of getting married, so he can be baptized. But really, he is the best. Hahahaha okay this is so funny but also so scary. For some reason, people will just randomly send off fireworks SO CLOSE TO US it literally sounds exactly like a gun shot. It is terrifying.
Oof yesterday, we were walking on the street and we found this little kitty cat. People who don't know, I hate cats haha I am allergic and just don't like them. But for some reason, this little kitty was an exception hahaha I loved it so much. It was the color of my hair and just so sweet and adorable and perfect and yeah. I asked my companion if I could walk with it for a few minutes and she said claro, so we were walking and I was so happy, then all the sudden I hear Amiga! Amiga!! and I'm like uh what and he goes The gatito, por favor!!!!! oh my goodness I almost must stole this guy's cat hahaha so yeah that was interesting.  RIP me
I don't remember if I told the story of Marco Antonio, but here goes. Okay so one day we were walking, and this hermano came up to us and said Hermanitas!!!!! I went to the church a few months ago, but I went at 8 at night and no one was there! But I know the BOM is true and I want to be baptized!! We were like OH YESSSSS okay let's go. So we got his number, we would call him all the time to set up appointments, and he would always be gone. Then one day, we saw him in the street and we were so happy! We were far from his house, so  we started walking to a near by park to teach him, and an hermana from the ward pulled aside and said "Hermanas, por favor, por favor don't go with him, don't teach him, I have heard stories about him, please no," and we were like "Hermanita it's okay, we are just going to the park, there are a lot of people around if anything happens."  Anyways so we taught him, went all good he was super receptive, and then we asked him if he has our number, just in case he needs anything, and he had our number memorized.... literally, but he had never called us before, so it's not like he remembers it bc he has typed it in so many times, no. Anyways so we had ward counsel the next day, and we asked about him, and they said we need to stay away from him, he always does drugs and he doesn't really want to hear about the church. and since then, we have just randomly seen him in the street, different places every time, smoking, we see him for a second, we turn away for a second and he disappeared. scary lol
I just want to say how much I love being a missionary. I can truly see myself changing. Not necessarily changing myself as Sam, but I am also becoming Hermana Andreasen. I am becoming closer to our Lord, Jesus Christ. I have learned to trust Him. Because, people, life is so much easier when you trust in Him! He wants the best for you! He wants you to succeed! He knows YOU! He loves you! Life is so much easier when we trust in Him. Ahh I love this Gospel.I love the people of Peru more everyday, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here.I love you all, miss you all!!!
Till next time!be strong and pray,Hermana A

Answers to your questions! Our address is Avenida Republica de Peru 221, Comas, Lima    We are the only missionaries here in our ward, and our area is only one ward. Our ward is called Santa Luzmila, mismo por nuestro distrito, la zona se llama Carabayllo. Like President Arnson said in my setting apart, I am not struggling greatly with Spanish. I get frustrated at times, but I can see that I am having other trials right now, not really with Spanish.  I just want to have this super strong testimony, and be the best missionary I can now! I am praying for it, for sure.


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