July 30, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez

Hairless Dogs, Rivers, and Hot drinks

Hola friends week 2 here in Santa Luzmila!
We had so many investigators and appointments this week, it was so amazing. But, I'm not gonna lie, it's so hard to be a missionary! But really it is so rewarding. I love it. 
Like I said, we had so many appointments this week, but yesterday, not one of our investigators came to church. We had about 12 people who committed to going, but they all didn't show up. That was hard. 
The people here in our area are so amazing. The members are so kind. The people are also so receptive! We have so many stray dogs here hahahaha and the people dress all their dogs and cats. We almost died by dogs about 3 times but it´s okay. OH ALSO I saw a few hairless Peruvian dogs that I was so scared to see. And yes, they are just as scary as I thought they would be. 
They are going to build another temple in Lima in my mission! There are only 3 cities in the world that have 2 temples, 2 cities in Utah, and now, here in Lima! The work is pressing on and its so amazing.
Okay for the funny story. I recorded a video of me explaining it but I don't know if it will send. We were walking to another appointment, but we had time before we had to be there. 2 ladies approached us and asked if we had 10 minutes to view something, and we said of course! We thought it would be a school exhibit, or like a garden or something. We walked in, it was all green and conservative, and then we enter the building, and they asked us to take off our shoes. I was like huh okay, whatever. Then they asked us to wash our hands, and they helped me wash my hands, which was kinda weird but its okay. Still didn't really know what was going on, super confused but I just thought it was bc the building was new. Anyways, so then they take us back into this room, and people are sitting face to face, saying religious chants. Then the lady directs us to a statue, and tells us to bow and recite a prayer, and we were soooo thrown off. We told them we totally respect their religion and their culture, but we can't be here. We asked if we could go somewhere and converse. So they took us to a room and they explained their beliefs - they had a poster, and explained that the God puts them in a river type thing, then sends them to their parents, and then the parents put them back in the river to learn and be on their own. They believe that God is a spirit, and they bow so that God can put his spirit into them. It was really interesting to hear about their other religion, and we totally respect it, but it was so wild. We talked about the Bible, and then we talked about the Book of Mormon, and a 20 second Lesson 1 and yeah that was a wild, interesting and crazy story. 
Then later that day, we had a meeting with a less active family, and after we taught, they made us sandwich type things, and the father brought out a hot drink. And let me tell you, everyone hear drinks teas and hot juices and herbs and water, its just what they do. So this father brought out two really hot drinks, I'm drinking it and Im like wow this is so good!! Then my companion smells it, says hermano, que es esto? and he said te. I totally thought oh yeah its herbal tea, no big deal, but nope. Not herbal tea haha. So yeah this is the story of when we taught the gospel in anther church, which is totally not allowed, and we drank tea. 
But yeah, I really am loving the mission. I am thankful for everyone's support, I love you all! The gospel is true, and I know that. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and I know that they love you.
I love you all!
Be strong and pray,

Hermana A

1 - My teeth before the dentist
2 - After!! you cant even tell!!
3 - We made completos yesterday!
4 - Hermana Chavez and i
5 - This wall is my favorite color haha
6 - The view from the top of our apartment it is so gorgeous!!
7 - Uno mas
8 - Us!!
9 - Funny story with this plate, Hermana Mato Milagro fed us for lunch, we ate this, then she asked us if we wanted more, we said UN POCO bc we weren't very hungry, and she brought this out hahhahaa. We were so full after but it was really good! Rice, roast beef, and sweet potatoes


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