July 23, 2018


Santa Luzmila


Hermana Chavez


Hi everyone! I'm out here in the field!!! 
Okay not sure if everyone heard about this, so I'll tell the really embarrassing story of when Hermana Andreasen arrived at the mission home. A little back story: one of my friends from High School, Chase Madder for the people from Queen Creek, is the mission president's assistant (AP) for my mission! So we took a bus to our mission home, and I got out of the bus, saw Elder Madder, started walking towards him, took two steps and TRIPPED AND SCRAPED MY GASSES AND CHIPPED MY TOOTH (!!!!) How embarrassing?! lol but I'm fine. I'll attach a picture of my teeth so you can all laugh at me hahaha. I look like a hobo. And then the next day I slipped in the street, so I am really clumsy, not much has changed since I left home lol.
Anyways, we had orientation on Tuesday, then we met our trainers!! My trainer is literally el máximo en todo el mundo. Her name is Hermana Chávez, she is 22 and from Santiago, Chile. She is so nice and she is the sweetest person. I have learned so much from her in such little time. We took a taxi to our apartment, I will also attach pics of it. It's really small, lol. When I had my first interview with President, he said, "okay just so you know your apartment is going to remind you of a jail cell, but it's okay hermanas, you have the keys!" lol It was funny. But yeah!
I don't even know where to start describing our area and our investigadores! We have witnessed many miracles this week. We have two investigators named Marcos and Alejandro. They are two friends about 28 yrs old, and they are from Venezuela. My first lesson in the field was with them! But they are seriously the best. They have a baptism date! But, the thing is.. they have parejas. Many people here have parejas, and that makes it fun as missionaries bc we get to talk about the law of chastity a lot.. yay! haha But really it's awesome. Parejas are bascially someone's spouse, but they aren't married. Many people here see marriage as a waste of money and not important. So yeah Marcos y Alejandro have their parejas and their daughters in Venezuela. They really want to be baptized, but they aren't married. We called president yesterday to see what to do about this, and he said as long as they commit to live the law of chastity they can be baptized. Plus they won't see their parejas until December, so it isn't a majorly pressing issue right now. But they said they would talk with their parejas last night, and today we will see if they will commit to living this commandment and still want to be baptized. But really they are so amazing! When we taught them about the priesthood, I saw their eyes light up and I could see that they know this is true.
We also have Denis y Percy, they have 4 hermoso children. At first, the missionaries who taught them before thought that they just wanted to join the church to receive welfare and get money from us, but we feel that they really want to have the blessings of this gospel. They went to church with us yesterday, and I saw that it took so much faith to walk to church with their baby. They are so awesome! Also, they aren't married, but they are planning to get married this Saturday, and they really want to be baptized. 
Some miracles we saw this week were just meeting the right people at the right time. On Friday we fasted, and we saw so many miracles. That was the night Marcos and Alejandro committed to being baptized, also that was the night we found beer bottles in Denis y Percy´s house, but they were extremely receptive to the commandment of the Word of Wisdom. The blessings of the fast are so real! 
Now on to the food here... hahahaha. Okay so here they eat so much rice, potatoes, meat and Papayas as well. I have come to discover that I don't like papayas very much lol. My favorite meal here has been mashed potatoes, rice, and fried chicken on top. Okay so now lemme tell ya what I didn't like that we ate - mollejas, aka cow testicles. Not good. Also some people here eat the cartilage of bones. Oh gosh, that was interesting to see.
And the other thing we ate was intestinos. It looked like octopus. That was the first thing I ate here in the field at a member's house. Intestinos. Don't recommend. But it's all good! haha.
The driving here is absolutely crazy, we've gotten used to it though. We cross the street and everyone is driving so crazy, I felt like we were going to die so many times bc of the driving. 
Oh this was a big culture shock, we were sitting in a lesson and the hermana we were teaching just pulled down her shirt and started nursing her baby. And that has happened so many times since. It's normal now, but at first I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING, because we were in public, she was in her store.
Oh interesting story, we were teaching a lesson in the back of a taxi, and all the sudden like 20 police cars surrounded us and it was scary, but apparently they were just looking for someone else.There are oh so many dogs here. Just chilling on roof tops, wandering the streets. I haven't yet been chased by one, so that's good.
I really do love this Gospel so much, and I love prayer, it is such a blessing in my life. I am so thankful for this gospel and for the blessings in my life! I love being a missionary, there is so much work to do! 
I love you all!
Until next week.
Be strong and pray,
Hermana A​


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