July 11, 2018


Centro de Capacitación Misional Perú


Hermana Alexis Sanders

Semana 5!!!!

Hi friends and family!!

Wowow! Next week we will be in the field. That is crazy!

I'm not sure when I will be able to write next week, I imagine as soon as I get to my mission home. But yeah, we leave early Tuesday morning! So exciting but low key nerve wracking haha. I hope everyone is doing great! I love being a missionary. I love the CCM! I am so sad to leave the people I have met here, but I am excited to get to the hard work.

I love the Spirit that is in my life. I know the Church is true and that the BOM is the word of God. Something that I have come to love is prayer. I love being able to talk with the God of the universe, and to know that He is listening. 

This week has been good! We had a little 4th of July celebration, because an elder in our district got a package that had fun 4th of July stuff for all of us. And we played volleyball for the last part of our p-day.

We were able to go proselyting on Saturday! We were with the hermanas from the Lima East mission. It was really scary at first, but I loved it. We passed out hand outs, inviting them to come to church. I wish I could have gone to church and see if who we talked to went to church!  It was such an amazing experience. We could truly see who was ready for the gospel.Ii gave out a BOM to an hermano named Pablo. I loved every minute of that experience!

I found a new way to study my scriptures. I started reading from the beginning, and every 10 verses or so, I summarize it, recording my thoughts, etc. I'm starting a new journal for it. I can already see my testimony of the BOM growing. I've never really understood the BOM very well, which probably stems from my dislike of reading because of my eye problems, but I am so ready and excited to strengthen my knowledge of it. I'll attach a picture of a page from my journal.

I gave a talk in Spanish in church on Sunday about repentance, I was so nervous haha because it was in Spanish, but i think it went well.

One day during breakfast we turned around and the toaster oven was on fire! I was the closest person to it, so I went and unplugged it, then a worker blew it out. And today the same thing happened lol.  It was a wild ride. So yeah, that was fun lol.

I love my CCM district so much. We are all just like a giant group of friends who does everything together, like all our sports and hanging out whenever we have free time. That's going to be a hard goodbye for sure. They are the best, we are all so close. Every night right before everyone leaves to go to bed, we kneel in a circle and say District Prayer. This makes me so so happy. As a family, we kneeled in a circle and sang the song "Let us gather in a circle, and kneel in family prayer" every night for 19 years, so doing this as a district is a tender mercy. As Enos said, "And my soul hungered and I kneeled down before my maker and I cried out in mighty prayer." Prayer has so much power everyone!! AHh it is so incredible.

Last story - so yesterday we went upstairs really quick to get something, and Hermana Miller and Hmna Earnest came with us, and in the middle of our hallway they have a set of doors, so in case there are more elders or hermanas, they can expand the floors for them, kinda confusing but anyways. So Miller and Earnest were curious what would happen if they closed those doors, and ustedes..... the door locked!!! hahaahh so Hermana Sanders and I were locked inside a hallway that was like 10 feet long for a while while they went to get a worker to unlock it, and of course... I had to go to the bathroom. But so yeah that was fun. 

Last thing!!! Apparently a new PME aka Preach My Gospel is coming out??? Idk when but I am so excited! And we received new lesson points and we started teaching them as of last week. What a great time para ser una misionera!!!!Well I love you all. 

Thank you all for the endless love and prayers, it means the world to me. There is nowhere I would rather be, than right here in Lima, Perú.

Be strong and pray,

Hermana A

picture 1 the little map they have in the office here haha
picture 2 my teacher Hermono Soto
picture 3 the redheads lol and our other teacher, Hermana Juarez
picture 4 our district
picture 6 and 7 Hermana Miller and I 
picture 8 an attempt at jumping picture I'm not sure what was happening here lol
picture 9 in the casita!!! This is the houses we teach our investigators lessons in.


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