July 4, 2018


Centro de Capacitación Misional Perú


Hermana Alexis Sanders

Week 5!!!!

Hola familia y amigos!! Happy 4th of July!!! Not much of a celebration here in Peru.
Today is our month mark of being on the mission!!!! It’s so crazy to think that. Wow. The new principiantes came on Wednesday of last week, and they are not what we were expecting. They don't talk to us very much, and they aren't as friendly as the group that left the ccm last week, but it's okay. We got 2 new investigators this week, and got a baptismal commitment from our investigator, Giovanna. Our teacher explained the story of who Giovanna really is, how many trials she had after getting baptized. The missionaries promised her that her dad would stop drinking and turn his life around if she got baptized, but her dad never changed, and her mom and brother left the church. Her parents only wrote her 3 to 4 emails while she was on her mission, and one of them was to tell her that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. Basically she had a really hard time after she was baptized. Then our teacher explained how she is Giovanna. She was acting to be an investigator who was herself. Chills all over. It was such an amazing experience to hear her conversion story and act our teaching her as an investigator. So amazing. For actividad física we have been doing sports with just our district, like playing a basketball gave one day, soccer the next, and then volleyball. Guys, lemme tell ya - I am so bad at every single sport here hahhahaahah. Literally when I hit the ball I make the weirdest noises. Yesterday the soccer ball bounced in the air during a game and I literally hit it like a volleyball. That just shows you how bad I am. On Sunday we sang "How Great Thou Art" in Spanish and in English for prelude music. I bore my testimony and said the closing prayer in Spanish, and I conducted the music for the Sunday night devotional, so that was fun!
We got to watch a movie for the first time hahahaha. I was so thankful. It was the story of a man named John Tanner, he basically paid for the Kirtland Temple. He was super wealthy but gave all his money to the church. He got up and moved to Kirtland in the dead of winter, and his daughter died on the way. His story was just so inspirational!
One night last week, I was having a really hard time. Just a lot of things going through my head, and the adversary was working really hard on me. It was hard. I felt prompted to talk with my companion and roommates about it, and they reassured me and gave me great guidance. All 3 of them left the room to get ready for bed, etc, and I felt that I needed to open up my scriptures. I opened up to my bookmark and it was at D&C 6, and verses 33 to 37 screamed at me. Verse 34, where it says "fear not, little flock, do good. Let earth and hell combine against you, for if you are built upon my rock, ye cannot fail." Tears ran down my face so freely. I had never before had an experience when I opened the scriptures and read a verse that felt like it was meant for me. It was so amazing. I knew that Heavenly Father really is mindful of me and I felt that without a doubt in that moment. Our teacher Hermano Soto, sang the Perú national song bc an hermana asked him to, then he asked us to sing our national anthem so we did. The spirit was there as well as the spirit of ´merica hahah. So yeah, that was the time when 12 white Americans sang the national anthem in a random computer lab in Perú. Good times.
We went to the temple today, and met 6 missionaries from my mission! It´s crazy, I'll be there in 2 weeks... Time is flying!! But it also feels like I've been here for 42308 years.I miss you all, you're in my prayers. I'm thankful for everyone’s love and emails, sorry if my responses are not good haha. We have very limited time per week to email!I love you all!
Nos vemos!!
Be strong and pray,

Hermana A

1. I had a notebook that i thought was really ugly so Hermana Miller drew this picture for me to put on my notebook. this is our district lol plz enjoy the details. there is a volleyball next to me bc she knows I'm horrible at sports
2. Some members from our district
3. My comp, Hermana Sanders, and I


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