June 26, 2018


Centro de Capacitación Misional Perú


Hermana Alexis Sanders

Week Three

This week has been great! We have been super busy like always, but sometimes it feels like we do the same things over and over again. We plan, eat rice and bread, teach investigators, learn Spanish and go to bed.  But honestly, it's great.  The group of missionaries who got here 3 weeks before us left this morning and so did the latinos and latinas.  My favorite things I do here are play volleyball for physical activity, and personal study time.  The CCM is very spiritual, but we learn about a lot of Spanish, so personal study is the time that I can read the scriptures and truly feel the Spirit most.  We have "hora de oro," aka "golden hour," which is from 9:30 to 10:30 pm and it is everyone's time with the Lord. I love it!  I love my district.  Our district leader went to BYUI, and I went to cosmetology school with his friend!  We have 4 elders and 8 hermanas in our district. We get along very well. 

Funny story... some silly elders from Chile sprayed Pledge spray in an hermana's ear, so I made them say sorry, and now they are scared of me, which they should be!  (winky face)
We had a lesson with our investigator Noah. We went in, talked with him about his sons, the world cup, and asked him if he upheld his commitments we gave him. We asked how he felt about reading the Book of Mormon, about praying, and he started talking about how he felt like a failure in his life, and he explained how he tried to kill himself with pills, then his brother walked in and talked him out of it. He finished explaining the story and Hermana Sanders kind of moved past his experience really fast.  After the prayer, I explained how the rest of our lesson was on the spirit. I gave a lesson overview and and then I said a bunch of Spanish I didn't even know I knew. I'm pretty sure I said how his brother was influenced by the Spirit that day.  After the lesson was over my comp and I were talking about how the lesson went ,and she said how she wasn't sure what he was saying, and I told her how he explained how he tried to kill himself. She said she had no idea he was saying that, when SHE USUALLY KNOWS SO MUCH MORE SPANISH THAN ME.  It was 100 percent directed by the spirit. The gift of tongues is real, man.
My comp and i get along well. I don't really get ready in the mornings anymore, and she takes a while to get ready, so its hard because then we are late to stuff, but it's all good
We get like 50 more North Americans tomorrow from the US! That's super exciting. Today literally there are only the people I flew with from Atlanta here.  So only 3 districts on the CCM campus. It's so crazy. 
I love teaching lessons!  We do about 4 a week because now we have 1 more companionship, so more people have to teach. I love the spirit in the lessons, and I love doing something more than sitting in class learning. We get to apply what we teach! So amazing.
it is so different being a missionary.  My whole life as "Sam" has been put on hold for 18 months, and I get to wear "Andreasen" and the name of Christ next to my heart. It's so amazing.
Yesterday the sun came out for the first time since being here! hahahah Everyone was so excited.
In my scripture study this week, I came across D & C 50: 40 - 44. Look this up people!  Remember you are loved and you are children of God.  There is nothing in the world more valuable than this knowledge.
Well, I love you all! The Church is so true, I love being a missionary, the gospel is the best, the food is great, the people are amazing and short and all speak Spanish so fast, but that's okay haha. 
I hope everyone has an absolutely amazing week! Be strong and pray.
Hermana A

Cute yellow brick road outside the temple
Me on bus to the Temple
Hermana Miller and I
Hermana Sanders, my comp, and I on the bus
District on the bus
Hermana Lindquist from Sandy, UT and Hermana Miller
Our district


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