June 20, 2018


Centro de Capacitación Misional Perú


Hermana Alexis Sanders

Week Two

Hola peeps! 
This week has been so blessed. Time has gone fast. I've already been out for 2 weeks - that's crazy! I'm on the Lord's time and it's so great. Sorry my email was so confusing last week. I didn't know how to work the keyboard, haha, and sorry I didn't respond to everyone. This week I got sick, first half of the week I had a constant stomach ache from stress, and this week I've had a cold, and I still do, haha, but it's okay, the Lord is looking out for me! 
Wednesday we had p-day! We had personal study, and took pics. We can only take pics on p-day.  We went to the temple, did a Spanish session! and went to the distribution center and, yeah, it was fun!
On Thursday, I woke up feeling really sick, but the day got better! We taught our investigator her last lesson. We tried Ceviche! I was still feeling sick so I didn't eat a lot of it, but it was good!! We can't eat it in the field, but the food here is really clean, so it's okay haha. I like the food we eat here!
Friday we got 2 new investigators, Noah and Giovanna. I passed off memorizing Moroni 10: 4 thru 5 and the first vision and the baptismal invitación in Spanish. It was hard but fun! We went to immigration which was literally in the middle of a parking lot, hahaha, and the world cup was on.  It was a really unifying experience because everyone was shouting at the TV together, and later that night we were in our rooms and you could hear all the people shouting. I think Peru lost.  We met the son of our mission president again!  He told us some stuff about my mission. 
Sundays here are THE BEST. Everything is in English and the spirit is so strong. We all have to prepare a 3 minute talk in Spanish, and right after we take the sacrament, they pick 3 missionaries to speak. The topic of Sunday was Christlike love, and now I have so much desire to be more like Christ.
On Monday we had our first lesson with Giovanna.  Her parents just got divorced, and that is really hard for her. She does not feel the love of God in her life and it's really hard for her. I shared the story of how I had a really hard time at college winter semester, and I prayed to feel God's love in my life. The Lord guided me and that experience really helped her to feel of God's love, it was amazing! 
I have been pretty sick the past few days have a major cold so that's been hard.  Tuesday I asked the CCM president for a blessing, and he and the manager of the CCM gave me one so I could heal faster. I see it working! Hermana Ellsworth, the MTC president's wife, gave me a lot of medicine and tea, so that's been helping! She makes me wear a mask to class, haha. It's really embarrassing; it's like the masks dentists wear, lol.
Last night we got a new hermana here! She is from Utah and was here on her mission a few months ago.  She left the CCM with 3 weeks under her belt, and now she is back, going to finish up her stay at the CCM with us and go to the field the same time as us. I really like her. She's nice. Buuut she broke up the trio! So now Hermana Sanders and I are companions, and Hermana Knowles and her are comps. It's hard, but I know that it will be easier to teach the lessons with only two people teaching.
Well, I really do love being a missionary! I love you all.  A scripture I really loved and that I encourage you all to read is D & C 88: 63; it says, "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you."  I love the Savior, and I know that He loves all of you more than anything. I miss everyone so much, but there is nowhere else I'd rather be.
Be strong and pray.
Hermana A

Second pic another group of sisters who are a trio and our old trio!
Third the hermanas in our district
Fourth Hermana Sanders and I
Fifth Hermana Jeronimo from Mexico; I love her sooooo much!!


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