November 2, 2020




Sister Watson


Happy Halloween everyone!

This week was pretty great. We've been teaching more and more people. Life is so much better when your keeping busy.

Monday was a fun day. We carved Pumpkins as a Zone. Mine was so cute. I loved hanging I with everyone. We played games and talked and ate a bunch of candy

Tuesday was Zone Conference, we had 4 zones there this time! It was so awesome seeing so many missionaries. We talked a lot about the spirit and following its prompting. It was so Good! We had a Church Tour with Neela. It went really well, it was kinda weird. We were a little unprepared. But we followed the spirit and said everything we needed to.

Wednesday we were knocking on members doors. And we pulled up to this one house. We knocked on the door and this guy came out. He said he had met with missionaries before, but was now meeting with Jehovah Witnesses. We had knocked on the wrong door. Haha. But I guess the spirit knew it was the right door. He invited us to come back. His name is Jesse. We also had sister ahmu with us and she was such a Blast!

Thursday we went finding but we weren't able to talk to anyone. But I was able to memorize all the books in the bible so that was fun. We planned for our people, (we have People now!) It was great.

Friday we did a lot of service. We cleaned up the trash, sticks, and leaves at the church. So now it looks really good. We also helped this lady organize the boxes in her house. She was so grateful.

Saturday was Halloween!!! We started off the day doing service for a lady in our ward. It was so fun and she even gave us cheesecake! Our Zone Leaders dumped a BUNCH of candy on our doorstep. We do not need that much candy. We basically grabbed what we wanted and put the rest in a bag in our kitchen. We had dinner at a members. It was soooooo delicious!

Sunday was way Good! We had our interviews with the mission president. It was so good to just talk to him. He gave me some pretty fantastic advice, he really is so inspired. So we got 3 dinners tonight. Apparently our members don't think we eat enough. So now we have 2 frozen lasagna in our freezer.

I love Y'all. Thanks for keeping up with my crazy fun Mission life. I miss you and I will see you in a Year!!!

Sister Anderegg

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