January 31, 2022


Layton hills


Sister Nagel

Olive got baptized

Olive got baptized on Saturday! Olive is someone we have been teaching for the past couple months and she has been counting down the days till her baptism. It was one of the best baptisms I have been to, the spirit was so strong. She said the sweetest thing. After she got baptized and come up from the water she said, "I love it!!" It was so sweet, and I could see how happy and excited she was. She has been an amazing example to me. I know this weekend was one she will never forget.

I hit 3 months this week! Kinda crazy! It's been cool to see how much I have learned in these short 3 months, along with how much I still need to learn. This Transfer has flowwwwnnn by and I know it's because of how busy we are, constantly doing the work. Our District Leader challenged us to be "obsessed" with the work. Sister Nagel and I have taken on that challenge so in everything we do we try to put forth our best and be obsessed with everything we do as well. It's crazy how fast time goes when you're focusing on others and your friends your teaching, it has made the work so much more fun to do!

I made president lunch this week. I was SO stressed because I wanted him to like it lol. I made him coconut rice and chicken. He rated it a 10/10. I told him he couldn't lie to me. And he is a mission president so I don't think he can lie haha. Still don't belive him tho.

After Olives baptism Sister Nagel and I were so hungry and we needed to grab something. But we are also broke haha. But we had a gift card to subway. So we went to subway and got some food. (Side note: someone payed for us which was a blessing from heavenly father) We went to the Layton Temple that is being built and ate our lunch there. It is such a beautiful temple and I'm so excited to go to it! It made me realize how blessed we are to have literal houses of the lord here on the earth. I think we take for granted the blessings, peace, comfort, guidance, and personal revelation we can receive in them. I'm blessed to be able to go the temple every Transfer. And go with our recent converts as well! I have received so many answers in and outside the temple. And I'm so grateful for the blessing temples bring. I invite you all to go to the temple this week. Whether it be outside or inside. You will be able to receive so much guidance and peace if you go to the temple! I hope you all have a great week!

Sister Haertling


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