January 24, 2022


Layton hills


Sister Nagel

Spiders in sacrament meeting

Happy Monday! This week has been nothing but going going going! Sister Fullmer left for France on Tuesday, sooo it's just Sister Nagel and I now!

We have a baptism this week for our friend Olive we have been teaching! And we're so excited for her! She has such a strong testimony in the gospel, and always gives the best comments when we teach her. We can't wait for her to enter the waters of baptism! We had such a neat experience tho with her Sunday night. Olive is from Africa and she moved here about a year ago so she could finally be with her husband who has been here for 10 years. She speaks creole. Hopefully I spelt it right haha. Anyways at the end of lessons we always ask to end in a prayer. Almost every time we ask her to say it she asks us to say it instead. We let her know that if she did say the prayer, she could say it in her native language because the spirit can be felt the same! She agreed and decided to say the prayer. At the end of the prayer we looked at her and said, "Olive that was such a beautiful prayer, you said it all in English too!" She looked at us and told us she had said it all in her language. Sister Nagel and I looked at each other. We both had understood the entire prayer clearly. We walked out of that lesson shook. The Gift of Tonges is real. I never thought I would need it on the mission since I am teaching in English but it's so real. I know heavenly father wanted us to understand her testimony and her prayer to him. It was so powerful. I remember during the prayer focusing to feel the spirit during it. And on top of that we were able to hear what she wanted to say. This experience strengthened my testimony in my heavenly father so much. He provides miracles upon miracles in our lives when we live obedient and faithful to him!

Side note: Sister Nagel and I have accepted the fact that we do something to embarrass ourselves at least once a day. No matter how hard we try we always make a fool of ourselves. Yesterday at church we were sitting in Sacrament meeting. We were listening to the talks being given and all of the sudden Nagel nudges me and tells me to look up. I looked up and see a spider FLOATING in the air. I'm not the biggest fan of spiders and Nagel isn't either. So we were just sitting there watching it's every move. All of the sudden it started floating towards us and it was about to float past our pew and then it got to right above our heads and DROPS DOWN on our pew. Nagel literally jumps and pushes me across the bench we were sitting at so she could move... we were soooo embarrassed. We are pretty sure the Bishopric plus President Bowman saw it all happen. Except they didn't know it was all because of a spider. Our faces were bright red. Definitely was a great way to start our Sunday lol. Probably will not be showing our faces in that ward next week...

Sister Nagel and I have been given the opportunity to work with Social Media in our Mission. We are the missionaries that created out Instagram! It's @followchrist.daviscounty. We would appreciate if anyone followed it! But it has been so cool to see how we reach people through it. Although it hasn't been easy and sometimes I think to myself, "is there even a point in doing this?" But I have noticed miracles come through the scriptures we share, or the quote that's posted, or by sharing a picture of christ. Someone in the world may need to see it that day. I invite you all to follow the page, and share one of our posts with someone. All of us can be a missionary for just 60 seconds everyday.

Love you all!
Sista Haertling


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