January 17, 2022


Layton hills


Sister Nagel and Sister Fullmer

A good (busy) week !!

What's up everyone! This week has been so good, I learned so much from Zone Conferences, All Mission Conferences, and Temple Trips! Sooo this week was nothing but busy. We had the opportunity to have Zone Conference, and it was my favorite ever. We talked alot about how we can become the best missionary. Doing our best to listen to uplifting music. Doing our best to say kind words. Doing our best to devote time to the lord everyday. Doing our best to create unity with our companion. Doing our best to give our all to God. There were so many things President Johnson told us we need to be doing constantly. It was a reminder to me that ever day I need to do my best to give my all to the lord, because in the end he is all that matters. Not going to lie, when he told me all the things I needed to fix I felt a little discouraged. I thought I was doing my best already, and I felt like I wasn't enough after everything he had said. Let's just say it was a very humbling experience for me. However, at the very end he asked us to promise him one thing. We all raised our hand in an agreement that we would do what he said. He said, "don't walk out of here with any guilt". When he said that I remember feeling overwhelmed with the spirit, telling me that I'm doing good but to keep trying to be my best.. I know that Heavenly Father would say the same to us. He doesn't want us to feel guilty for our short comings and mistakes. He wants us to grow and learn, and continue to put in the effort. Being our "best" in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not always easy but its worth it because over time we can see the blessings that come when we give everything to him. We will not be perfect at it but I know that through Jesus Christ's atonement we don't have to feel that guilt when we mess up. His atonement is so freeing, loving, accessible,infinite, and JOYFUL. We can find so much joy when we truly want to use his atonement in our lives. If you don't understand how it can change your life, pray to know how it will! Heavenly Father can help you know.

Random events that happened this week:

We went to a place for breakfast called Scrambeled, and almost all three of us got some sort of food poisoning from the place. All of our stomachs hurt so bad afterwards. Sister Nagel almost threw up because I think she got expired coconut milk and she drank most of it. (Idk why she did that) I tried it and it tasted so bad, sooo now all of us will never be going to that place ever again😂

I had the opportunity to play my guitar and sing in Zone Conference. I played "Choose him again" by Shawna Edward's. I was SO nervous to play. However I'm glad I got to play for them. I played it again after the conference for some of the adults which was so neat. I'm grateful for music for the spirit that it can bring. I never knew that the spirit could be so present when music is bring played. And I'm grateful for companions and leaders that encourage me to share my talents.

I got to have breakfast with President and Sister Johnson which was a lot of fun. Sister Fullmer is leaving for Paris tomorrow so she had her departing breakfast on Saturday. We got to go with and it was so good to talk to President and spend time with his family. We're so sad Fullmer is leaving us but we are so excited for her!!

Also I had a temple trip with the district. I am so grateful I get to go to the temple so often. I have seen the blessings that it brings into my life when I go. It is the best!!

Anyways I love you all! Email me I love to hear all about your guys week!

Sister Haertling


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