January 10, 2022


Layton hills


Sister Nagel and Sister Fullmer

Baptism from the SKY

We got some "sappy" news this week. Our Trio is getting broken up, because Sister Fullmer is going to France! Very sad because it truly has been so fun. We have been covering an entire stake which has been crazy. The work here is insane! By the end of the night I crash because I'm so tired. I know that heavenly father has blessed us in so many ways though because we are trying our best to do all we can!

For example, we had a BAPTISM! It truly fell from the sky. A little boy named Ethan who grew up in the church was planning on getting baptized however he had just turned 9 and because of that he would be considered a convert. And the Bishop would not be able to confirm the baptism. His mom did not know that was a rule as well. SO his mom called us 1 hour before the baptism, and we were able to meet him, get him interviewed, and approved from our president! It truly was a miracle that it all happened the way it did. And we are so excited to teach Ethan! God's timing is crazy!

Funny story we got an eviction notice on our door this week which was pretty funny because we had just moved in. Soooo we had to turn that paper in ASAP to the mission office or else we would have been kicked out 3 days ago lol.

I'm reading the Book of Mormon for our friend Theresa who we are teaching right now. I opened up the BOM and then I said a prayer to start my studies. I prayed that I would be able to find scriptures that Theresa needs to hear. I also prayed that I would be able to read & understand more about the atonement. I finished my prayer and opened my eyes. I looked down at my BOM and I had already opened it up to Alma 42. (Which is not where I'm at in the BOM). I read the heading and it said, "Redemption comes through repentance-God himself atones for the sins of the world-Mercy is for those who repent". This showed to me that God WANTS to answer my prayers. He knew that it was important to me and I'm grateful for all the little blessings and miracles he performs in my life.. The last verse of Alma 42 was my favorite. It is kinda long so I won't write it. However it really helped me remember what I'm doing here on the mission. God speaks to us through the Book of Mormon. There are so many answers that we can receive when we study it. I invite you all to come up with a question you have and ask God to help you find an answer in the Book of Mormon. He will answer your prayers according to his will and in the way he thinks you need it most. He knows us best. If something is important to you it is important to him! Love you all have an amazing week!
Sister Haertling


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