December 20, 2021


Layton hills


Sister Joyner

Hoarder house & Bed bugs

Hellooo friends & fam! Kinda crazy that Christmas is this week, this month has really flown by. This week has been full of surprises to say the least! My district and I play alot of pickle ball. It's so much fun. And this week we got snowed on a lot, we thought it would be fun to play pickle ball outside for the picture ya know? Wellll we were not being smart, and were so excited to do it that we left all our jackets, keys, phones, you name it all inside. So then we're standing outside in the cold, all 12 of us, with a pickle ball net, in the snow, at 7 in the morning. We checked every door, nothing unlocked. After much prayer and time we found some elders with a key to the building... a true Christmas miracle if I do say so.

Ok now for the Hoarder house. We were asked to help a sister move. And so alot of us went over to the home. Definitely was not what I was expecting. Like this house was falling apart on the inside and out. We got inside and she just told us to start putting things in boxes. I don't think I have seen more random things in one single house in my entire life. The lady we were helping left for a while so all of us misisonaries were just in the house by ourselves cleaning away. Scroll down for pics of the fun things Elder Watson and I found. It was a good time.

Later that evening Sister Joyner and I were knocking doors. We decided to knock on a trailer house and we noticed alot of this guy's furniture was chilling on the porch. We didn't think anything of it, we just knocked and waited for an answer. He answered and peaked his head out the door. We introduced ourselves and then he stopped us and said. "One sec let me go put some pants on"... I was scared. He then came out on the porch with pants on thankfully and we continued to talk. The convo was good and then he said, " yeah I just found out I have bed bugs so I've been dealing with them all day and that's why all my furniture is outside". We were like ohhhhh ok yeah no worries we will let you go take care of that. He said come by another time for sure, and shook our hands. I left that porch very scared for my life knowing I was standing right next to all the bed bug furniture. I told Sister Joyner we definitely are going to have bed bugs now. I knew hand sanitizer doesn't kill bed bugs but I definitely drenched my hands in it anyways. And prayed they weren't on my clothes or bags. Livin on a prayer, and so far there are no signs of bed bugs. Definitely another Christmas miracle hahah.

A talk I read this week that I loved was from Jeffery R Holland. And he said, "Faith means trusting God in good times and bad, even if that includes some suffering until we see His arm revealed in our behalf." Faith really is trusting in God and his timing. I have found especially this week, that there are moments where I don't know something, or I'm confused . And it sometimes tears me down, especially when as a missionary I'm preaching to people that they have a loving heavenly father who loves them and hears them. But sometimes I wonder how can I do that if sometimes I don't even know if he hears me. I have really had to rely on faith. Believing he is there, believing he hears me, because as I do that I recognize that he really does listen and answer me. Not instantly but he does. And I know as I continue to have faith in him I will be able to recognize his voice.

I hope you all have a great Christmas filled with so much JOY & JESUS! He is our savior, and I'm grateful to be able to tell people that everyday!

Sister Haertling


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