November 30, 2021


Layton hills


Sister Joyner

We are all the lords instruments

Hi everyone! Kind of a crazy week but it has been a great one!

Our friend tryston who we started teaching when I got here got baptized tonight! It was the coolest thing ever. It was amazing to recognize how heavenly father has a plan for each of us. I knew heavenly father had a plan for tryston, and I'm so grateful to be a part of his journey. There was such a distinct spirit in the room and it made for such a special night for tryston. This is the lords work and I'm so grateful to be his instruments to fulfill his work here on earth.

In honor of Thanksgiving this past week I wanted to make a list of things I'm grateful for these past 7 days:
-a warm bed to sleep in
-the grandpa who made us banana bread
-the person that gave Sister Joyner and I $20 to get some lunch
-for warm sunny days to do some service
-a companion that will get rid of spiders in our apartment
-people who wave to me
-good members in the ward that support us
-people who give us rides when we're walking in the cold
-friends like Tryston who share their testimony of Jesus christ. It strengthenes my own
-fruity pebble Cereal (only the best cereal ever)

I could go on and on for what I'm grateful for. They may be little things but those little things are what help us recognize the big blessings we have. I have found as I focus on the good the good gets better, I know that's a quote I don't know who said it tho lol. I know I have found way more JOY in my day when I recognize how much I have been blessed and all that I'm grateful for. DONT FORGET TO BE GRATEFUL ALL THE TIME. I promise it will make your day better, it has for me!! Love you all! Enjoy your week!

Sister Haertling


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