November 9, 2021


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Off and runnin

It's official I've been a missionary for basically 3 weeks now, and I thought I'd share some of the highlights of this week
My sisters always told me how cool the mtc devotionals were here and I now understand why they said that. They ALWAYS know what to say. The MTC presidency is truly inspired by our heavenly father and Jesus christ. They might be a little too much inspired because right when I got to the mtc we had a huge devotional with hundreds of missionaries and out of alllllll the missionaries they asked me to give the opening prayer. I was SO NERVOUS. But I said a prayer in my heart that I could do it. And I got to say I think it was a solid prayer haha. However that devotional was so amazing and it helped me recognize more of why I'm serving a misson. I met my companion sister shepherd in person and she's one of the kindest and most selfless people I know. It's pretty crazy sister shepherd and I are really off and running because they asked us both to be the Sister Training Leaders over our entire zone. It's a little stressful but still love it. I love my district they basically become your little family and it's super nice because everyone has each other's backs. Anyways! Fast sunday was a good & long one, they keep you so busy on Sundays. But one specific thing we did was a "Go & See" where they give you topics to focus on and study. I decided to focus on faith in Jesus Christ. We started with personal study for 2 1/2 hours!! Guys I haven't studied that long in the scriptures ever! BUT seriously got so much out of it. I then read a talk by our prophet and he talked about steps to gain faith in jesus christ. I think that is a huge thing in missionary work if we don't have faith in the gospel how are we able to share it? But the one that hit home for me was, "CHOOSE to believe in Jesus christ" sometimes i think I'm just gonna one day have all this faith in Jesus christ but the only way I can gain a testimony in him is by choosing to have faith in him and putting my trust in him. And once I choose to believe, "do not minimize the faith I already have" I have found that to be so powerful to me as I've started my mission and gives me comfort for all the good & hard times ahead of me! Can't wait to update you all when I'm actually in the field!

Love you all, thank you for all the prayers!
Sister haertling

1. District temple trip
2. Sister pic at the "tree of life"
3. Sister Merril and I (daily run pic)
4. 0.5x angle of the sisters
5. Walking to class with w/ the elders
6. Sis shepherd and I


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