August 1, 2016


Vila Matilde


Sister Lee

T-Minus 19!!!!

Good morning again! First off, sorry if there are random d's and a's everywhere abecause this keyboard is stuck on those two letters and it is a bit difficult to tydpe, so sorry about that!!

This last week was good! P-day was just a normal day and we spent the day being crafty!

Tuesday i had to have an exam at the hospital because of some of the problems i am having with my stomach, but it was all good! It was quick and painless! I did have to get put under though, so i was definitely out of it afterwards! There are so many great members here who helped us with everything we needed to be able to do the exam and also so many people called after and helped us and it was just nice to know that even though my mommy couldn't be there with me, i had Sister Lee, and many many others caring and helping. I am so grateful for all of the help that we received! Thank you so much! When we got home, the member that lives in the front part of the house had made mandioca for us because she knows that we love it and that we hadn't eaten lunch! So sweet! I pretty much slept for the rest of the day!

Wednesday we got back to work! I was actually still in a bit of pain, but i was blessed this day and every time we were teaching, the pain left. It was a miracle and I am so grateful for the help of the Lord and that i decided to trust in Him and continue i the work i was called to do. We met Jessica as she was leaving and we taught her just in the middle of the street. She is probably 18 and she knows so much and has a desire to come to know Christ better. We are excited to help her! We also met up with Jacinto and come to find out, he has read the Book of Mormon three full times now. Literally cover to cover. He is so amazing and such an example to me. We got him a Doctrine and Covenants for him to study as well because his wants to know more of the deep doctrine. It was so cute when we gave him the book. He was like a little kid at Christmas! He was so happy and so anxious to start reading! He is such a cute old man and we learn so much from him every time we go! That night it was super cold and we just had the urge and desire to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup. Something that i have not eaten in so long! So we decided to make it and it was so so yummy! Enjoy the little things in life my friends! :)

Thursday we had lunch with a family in our ward that has 8 kids and they are so amazing! The oldest daughter, Paloma, made lunch for us with the help of the younger ones because their parents were are work. They are such an amazing family and have such a sweet spirit about them. I love them so much! Then we had to go to the mission home and do some document stuff for Sister Lee to be able to stay here in Brasil! That night we had English class and they are always so much fun! The youth here always fill the class and they are just so great!

Friday morning we had to get up early to go to the Hospital to go and pick up the results of the exam and it is a bit far so that was why we had to go early. We had lunch with Irmã Marina Simão and she is so great! She has a piano and Sister Lee played it and she plays SO well!! Especially when she sings and plays! She is so talented! I am so blessed to have her as my companion! That night we had a ward activity and we played some "Olympic" sports and it was just great! A great way to embarrass ourselves! haha! We made cookies the day before for the activity and it was a hit! yes, they were pancake cookies again, but everyone loved them so that is what counts! haha!!

Saturday we had a zone activity in another area and that was fun! We talked with so many people and were trying to get people to come and visit the church because we were giving tours, but nobody was real interested. But we tracted the entire morning and some of the afternoon and it was so much fun! I used to not be a big fan of contacts, but it is growing on me! We met some great people! That evening we visited Vânia and we talked about Temples with her. She is just marvelous! She has some doubts about Baptisms for the Dead, but we explained it to her and she just understands! She is wonderful! We are planning to go to the Temple with her this Saturday :) She had a dream about the Temple the other night and said that it was her whole family together and the feeling she had was just the best one ever. I am positive that she will feel that feeling again when she is in the Temple and she will one day be sealed with her Family in the House of the Lord.

Sunday was a good day as well! Sister Lee and i gave talks in Sacrament meeting and that was good! She is speaking Portuguese SO well!! She is just so intelligent and bright! Everyone was shocked with her ability! We had a neat experience as well! There were two people that we didnt know and so we went to talk with them and turns out that the man is a member and he is here in our area doing some work for some family friends, and that morning he said that he was going to church and invited the family to go and the daughter decided to go! how easy! It was so neat to me! SO to all of you guys, dont be afraid to invite others to come to church! you never know when and who will say yes! It will change their lives and certainly strengthen your testimony as well! That is my challenge to you all this week! Invite somebody to come to church with you this Sunday! :)

So that was our week! Sister Lee and I are doing great and i am so grateful to be serving at her side! She is teaching me so much and i am so grateful for her pureness and her spirit and light! I love her! I love being a representative of my Savior and will do all that i can to represent him the best i can. I love this Gospel and know that it is true. I love my Savior and can testify that He lives and loves you. I say these things in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ , Amen.

With Love,
Sister Kinnaman :)

P.S. The name of this email is T-minus 19 because i think i only have 19 weeks left on the mission.....


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