April 18, 2016




Sister Dias

Vamos Ficar :)!!

Goodmorning! So this last week was Crazy!! I cannot believe that it is already P-Day again! But I am also very grateful! This week was busy busy busy! But amazing amazing amazing! So much happened so i will try my very best to talk about everything! :) Deal?

So, last Monday after emailing, we went and visisted Ju, what is new?? haha! We love her and her family so very much! She did a treatment on our hair that left it super soft, healthy, and shiny! It was a great expereince! That evening we went to another part of the city to visit Erica and to pick up our Zone T-Shirts! They turned out awesome!! Pac Man themed! I forgot to take a pic, so i will try to remember to take one and send it next week!

Tuesday we had a District meeting and there is a Sister in our zone that will be going home today actually, so we had a little party for her! Then we went and visited some people on the other side of the train station of our area and that was good! We ate Goiaba sitting on the side of the road waiting for one of our appts, andt that was a nice little experience :) We visited Douglas that night too and that was good as always! He is elect! He is a great man that is really looking for God in his life again. He has a great desire to change and become better. (He is the man that called us on the street after we left Ju's house). One thing we noticed that all of our investigators said this day was that they thanksed us for our patiece. I was thinking a bit more about that, and at first i thought that it was really nothing, becuase it is so normal for us to be always listening and helping people. But i was thinking about them and their perspective and how in these days, it is vkind of rare to have someone that stops to listen and help. So if you guys have 10 extra minutes, talk with someone who is needing you help or just to be heard.

Wednesday we had a surprise! We found out at about 10 o'clock the night before that we had to be at the mission hom at 7am the next moring for me to be able to go to the Policia Federal to renew my Visa. Only thing is, is that the mission home is about 2 hours away from our house. And the train and metro in the mornings are rediculous. So we had to wake up at 4 to leave at 5 to get there at 7. We got squished in one of the trains for more than an hour. The trains in the mornings are like a two cans of sardines all packed into one can! I dont even know how to explain it! But good news is that we made it alive! And we spent the day there with the Secretaries, Elder Martins and Elder Hirst. They are awesome! And that was all we had time to do that day!

Thursday nobody was home again. But that is all part of the mission! I bought a backpack that i love so much! I was starting to problems with my shoulder becuase of the one shouldered bag that i was using, so hopefully it will get better with a backpack! It is so cute! I love it! Sister Dias and i have matching ones! Just different colors! :) We had dinner with Ju this night and she made Hamburgers! Wow, was it so good to eat a hamburger!! So yummy! It has been a while since we have been able to stay home in the mornings and study becuae of all of the appts that we have had, but we were able to study normally today and it was so nice. It makes a huge difference!

Friday was a very tiring day, but it love these kinds of days becauase i know that we are working and giving our all to the Lord and the people here :) We visited a reference that we recieved and he is super cool! He has alreadyd recieved all of the lessons before, but we will try again wit him! We are different people and it is a different time in his life, so who knows. The Lord does Miracles. We visited another investigator ther too and that was good as always. She is having a hard time understanding that it is important to go to church on Sundays, but we are trying to help her. We visited Douglas again and he is amazing! He always studies more than what we gave him to study and has great questions. We are excited to continue working with him :)

Saturday was a great day!! Saturday, we went to the Temple with Juliana and Erica! Two of my recent converts! It was such a neat experience! I love to see the Temple :) I testify that it is the House of the Lord here on the Earth. We visited the Deseret store that they have next to the temple and guess what we found there?!?! Taco seasoning!! Yay!!! So of course i had to buy it and we made tacos with Juliana and Amilton! Ju and Sister Dias loved it, but Amilton not so much... haha! But all well! He liked a dessert that i made, so its all good! We had lots of fun making tacos and going to the Temple! We laughed so much this day! I honestly dont think i have laughed so much in one day!! It was wonderful! I love to laugh and be happy! :) Especially with the people that i love.

And Sunday, what a day! Sundays are always the day that are most tiring. But i love that! We walked a good distance to go and buscar(sorry i cant remember the word or phrase in english...) to go to church with us, but turns out he wasnt there. But its not the first time, and certainly wont be the last! All we have to do is stay positive and think about the people that will be there at church! There was a marathon here in Suzano and it just to happens that it was on the street of the church and there were SO many people! So it was a bit difficult for everyone to get to church, but everyone eventually made it! Sister Dias and i had to run with them to cross the street to get to the church!HAha! It was funny :) Church was awesome! Douglas showed up again and one of Juliana and Amilton's friends named Frank, came too. I was so surprised to see him there because he lives far away and he woke up at 4 am just to come to church! We were so happy! We ended up teaching the Principios do Evangelho class last minute becuase the professor didnt show up and Sister Dias was asked 5 min before Sacament to give a talk in Sactament! She about died poor thing! But she killed it! She is so amazing and I love her so much! :) We were able to see Amilton recieve the Priesthood too, and that was such a neat experience :) I love being able to see people pregress every day in the Gospel and feel the Love of Heavenly Father more every day. We had lunch with Irmã Fanny and that was perfect, as always!! I seriously love her and her family so very much!! We then went and visited Douglas again and we taught the Word of Wisdom to him. He has some difficulties, but I know that he will be able to overcome these addictions that he has :) He is a wonderful man! We then went to JU's house and taught Frank! He is another amazing man that is looking for a better life. We are so grateful to know him and to have this opportunity to help him. I know that Frank is one of the people that I knew in the Pre-Existence and that he is one of the people that i promised to help here on Earth, the same way that it was with Juliana and Amilton. There is no doubt in my soul about that. I love the people here in Brasil so very much and am honored every single day by the privelage that i have to serve them and help them strengthen their relationhips with our Father in Heavern and Savior. I know that this is the true church of Jesus Christ here on the Earth. Our class was about the Church of Jesus Christ Anciently, the church that He established in His earthly Ministry. ANd i know that the Church of Jesus Christ was restored in these Latter Days. I know that the power of hte Priesthood is real and that we have a prophet in these days, and his name is Thomas S. Monson. I know that my Savior lives and loves me and each and every one of you. If you dont know these things, i challenge you to study and to pray and ask God about these things. And be specific in your prayers, and you will have specifin answers. I love this work and love to be here and so eternally grateful. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

OH, one more thing!! yesterday we found out about transfers. And we are going to stay together here in Suzano Sister Dias and I!! yay! WHat a blessing and tender mercy! Everyone was releved! I have been here for more than 6 months already, and it was very possible that i would be transferred, and i didnt want to be because i want to finish training Sister Dias and be here to see Dougls and Frank and our other investigatos pregress. We were so relieved when they finally called to tell us the news!! Wow! haha! Speaking of Tender Mercies, i also challenge you to look for the Tender Mercies that the Lord sends our way every day.

Sorry for the giant letter but I had lots to say!! And i will try to send pictures! I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week!! :)

With much Love,

Sister Kinnaman :)


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