April 11, 2016




Sister Dias

Amilton :)

Goodmorning everyone!

So this week was a wonderful one! I know that I always say that but it is always true! :) It is a good problem i thinik!

So P-Day we passed the afternoon with Juliana and Amilton and then that night we passsed the night deep cleaning our house! And boy was that an adventure! Lets just say that not everyone has a standard of clean living.... but we fixed the place right up and all was good! We scrubbed the cieling lots! But we made it fun!

Tuesday we didnt do a ton, but had lunch with Juliana and Amilton and their family! O how i love that family! They are amazing people! Iam so grateful for the chance i have had to get to know them and help them come to know our Father in Heaven and Savior better.

Wednesday was an absolutely wonderful day! Another one of my favorites in the mission! :) Wednesday Amilton, Juliana's husband, was baptized. It was such a great experience that we had that day! Amilton is a fighter and we are so grateful that he made the decision to Follow our Savior and make Covenants with our Heavenly Father. The Spirit at the Baptism was so strong. There were few people again but it was like family so we didnt mind. For the opening song we sang There is Sunshine in my Soul Today and Amilton loves that song now! We also sang I am a Child of God for the closing song and DuDu (their son) loves that song as well as Ju! :) It was so neat to see them all together and so happy and united! Something that i think is really neat is that since the very first time i met Amilton and Ju and DuDu, i was able to imagine them in the Temple together being Sealed for time and all eternity. And they are on the road to being sealed in the Temple here in one year. They are both super exciteed and looking forward to this, as well as us! They are also looking forward to going to the Temple to do the work for those who have already passed away. They are now having Family Home Evenings and it is such a blessing to see them grow! After Amilton was baptized, he was visibally different and changed. It was really neat to see that!

Thursday we didnt do a ton becuae we were both a little bit sick. I think our stomachs are a bit weak, but we are doing better now! We are helping a man learn english becuae he will be traveling this next week and asked for our help! We are trying to teach him the lessons at the same time, so we will see what comes of it!

Friday we visited Ju and Amilton in the morning just to see how they are doing and they were happy as could be! It truly is amazing how the Gospel can change the lives of people and how it is so visible the blessings and the spirit that they have with them now. As we were leaving their house a man stopped us from the other side of the street to ask us when our meetings are! How neat! That actually happens a lot with us! We visited Erica (another recent convert) and we invited her to come with us and teach! She is passing some dificulties and we thought that she could use this as an opportunity to strengthen her testimony and bear her testimony of her conversion and feel again all that she felt on her Baptism day. It was an amazing day! It was super fun! Erica will be an amazing missionary! We visited some investigators and that is always great!

Saturday we were also not that great phyically, so we ended up studying almost the whole day, but it was really much needed! Studying is one of the greatest things we can do here on the mission! It seems like here everything makes so much more sense and is so much easier to understand. I am grateful for the time that we had to study this day! That night we stopped by Ju and Amilton again and they had a friend there that ended up being super interested in the church! It was awesome! His name is Frank and he is interested becuase he saw how much Juliana and Amilton have changed and wanted to know how and why! So we took the opportunity to introduce the Book of Mormon to him and we will see what happens! He seems super great!

Sunday was another great day! I love love love Sundays! It was so special! Before church, that man that asked us when our church meetings are, actually showed up! What a miracle! During Sacrament meeting, Amilton was Confirmed (recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost), Savine (another recent convert) blessesd the Sacrament for the first time, and Juliana bore her testimony and made me cry again! haha! It as full of Tender Mercies. Later that night we went to teach that man, his name is Douglas, and let me tell you he is elect! He is great and understands and accepts everything and has great questions and really has a desire to be accepted bjy Heaenly Father again. He has grande potential and we are super excited to keep teaching him and helping him progress and know of all of the truths that we know. Everyone deserves to be happy, that is our purpose here on Earth!

And today! We are going to just hang out today i think! And study and clean!
I love serving a mission and seeing the Gospel change and better the lives of people and see the Light of Christ shine brighter in the semblance of people! I love being here and am grateful for all of the Tender Mercies that God sends my way every single day, along with the miracles, and angels. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ and i thank my Father i Heaven every day for this blessing in my life.

With all of my Love,


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