March 21, 2016




Sister Dias

Week of Training

Goodmorning everyone! So this last week was super great and super difficult, but i learned a lot, so I am grateful in the end. I am so grateful for the trials and the struggles that i have every day becuase it gives me the chance to grow closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior.

Anywyas, last Monday we found out that Sister Nogueira was going to be transfered to Vila Ema, an area in São Jose Dos Campos. Just a little far from here... about three hours or so... on a good day! And we also found out that i would be training here in Suzano!! :) The rest of P-Day we went into São Paulo for an eye appt that Sister Nogueira had and when we got back in SUzano, we visited Juliana. We spent the evening with her and then we went home and packed up Sister Nogueira's bags for the next day!

Tuesday we went to the Mission Home to pick up our kids!! Haha! We ar both training and when we are treaining, we call our comp our daughter or son! haha! So we are moms now! Whoo hoo! My new Companion is Sister Dias! :) She is amazing!! She is BH (Belo Horizonte) a city in the stare next to São Paulo! She is absolutely wonderful! As we have gotten to know each other better this week, i know that we are together as Comps for a reason! She is wonderful! I definately miss Sister Nogueira, but change is good beucase we need to continue growing and learning new things! :) Returning back to our area Tuesday was very difficult!!! We use the metro and trains and with a bag it is already difficult. (thank goodness she only had one!!!) But when it is peak hour, and the power goes out in one of the lines, it becomes a whole lot more difficult!! Por Sister Dias, it was her first time on the metro and train, and i think she was a bit traumatized! But, we FINALLY made it to our station!! What a blessing!! But our ride home wasnt answering the phone, so we had to lug her bag all the way to our house. Lets just say that we were sore the nedt day! haha! But we made it alive and that is what counts! We will never forget this day that is for sure!

Wednesday was a day full of miracles! I introduced Sister Dias to Juliana and a few of our other investigators and that was great! It was super neat bnecuase we were walking and Sister Dias wanted to buy water, so we entered a little restaurant that sells water and the man that was helping us ended up saying that he is a member but is less active. Cool! Her thirst was inspired! haha! And later that same day, we were walking and heard somebody call after us, so we went to talk with him and turns out that he is a member too but is also less active and his wife just had a baby and asked for us to bring so mebody that could give her a blessing! It was a super great day!

But, the phrase that Sister Dias and I chose for us s "There will be opposition in all things", that is what happened Thursday. It was a very difficult day for us. We didnt have anybody set to teach, but he had a ton of referrals to contact, so that is what we tried to do. We visited more than 10 houses, but literally nobody was home. Not one person was home for us to talk with them. It was a bit difficult to stay positive, but we made it through. Needless to say, all of the houses werent on the same street, so we walked A LOT! Poor Sister Dias. Her feet are all beat up from walking so much! We had a family night with the ward this night too and it was super good! We learned about Charity and played some games. Ju was there and one of our other investigators with her kids too :) It is so great to see them participating in all of the activities!

Friday was a good day too! We found some new people to teach and that is always exciting! Saturday was the same, nothing super exciting happened, jbut are walking a lot and getting a lot of work done! I am very much enjoying the spirit of Sister Dias and the desire she has to serve! She is an example to me and i am so grateful for this time we have to learn and to teach together! Juliana will get married and be baptized this week and we are super excited!! :) It will be a great week!!

My scripture for the week is John 7:6, and John 9:3.

I am so grateful for this work and for the Gospel. I know that Christ Lives and loves every single one of you. Remember this week especially about the tru purpose of Easter. Love you all!

Sister Kinnaman :)


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