December 7, 2015




Sister Nogueira

5 Months!

First, Happy Birthday Daddy!! :) I hope that you have an absoloutely amazing day and get everything that you want! I love you so much and cant wait to talk with you at Christmas you Old Man! ;)

Also, a shout out to My Beautiful Aunts, Mariiah and Rachel!! Happy Birthday! I love you lovely ladies so much and hope you have a wonderful Birthday as well!

This week went by so fast! I cannot believe that it is Segunda already! It passes so much faster when we have dividions with other sisters, and we had two this week! So it went that much faster! Tomorrow, I will officially have 5 months in the Mission! Can you believe it?? I know that I can't! Sister Nogueira will make 8 months tomorrow too! (Really i count from today, the seventh becuase i left early the 7th and traveled for 24 hrs, but ya know..) Anyways! Haha!

I am loving this Area! Seriously, I know that it is the Lord's plan that I am here with Sister Nogueira in Suzano. I know that we promised specific people in the Pre-Mortal Life that we would teach them here on Earth at this time, together. I am so grateful for this knowledge. The ward here is awesome! We are like one big family! It is amazing! Yesterday at church, we had amazing Sacrament and Testimony meeting. It started out quite stressful becaue Cleber, one of the rapazes that was Baptized last week, didnt show up!! Anderson, the other Young Man that was baptized, was there, so that was good. So Sacrament started and Anderson recieved the Gift of the Holy Ghost and was confirmed a Member of the Church. How happy we were!! :) Sister Nogueira and I call all of our Recent Converts our kids! haha! Nossos Filhos! We were so happy to see our "kid" so happy and bright! But we were also really sad because Cleber wasnt there to recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost and he would have to wait two whole weeks because of Stake Conference next week! I was praying like no ohter you better believe it that he would show up any second with his two twin brothers who we are teaching as well!! So Sacrament was passed and testimonies started. I was devistated. You have to understand that our life here is our Investigators and our Recent Converts. The door to the Chapel opened and guess who it was!! Cleber and his brother!! We were so so so happy and relieved!! I know that our prayers were answered and i am so grateful for the Mercy of Heavenly Father. Really every day we see miracles and the Hand of the Lord in our work and in our Lives. This was just one of them yesterday. So in the end, we got to see Cleber recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost too :) Even though he is older than us, he is like a kid to us too! We are seeing them all grow in the Gospel, so it counts! haha! We are only a little crazy! All of the testimonies were so strong and the Spirit that filled the room was amazing. You couldnt have not felt it. I love this ward here so very much. There really is no better thing than to see the people you love growing closer to their Savior and Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that I am so blessed to have the opportunity to do this for 18 months. There isnt any other place I want to be, because I know that I am helping my family back home by serving the Lord here, better than I could help them if I was there at this time. I love doing this work. Of course I have difficult days, quite often actually, but in the end, it doesnt matter becuase I am doing the Lord's will and helping my Brothers and Sisters to have the opportunity to Live with our Heavenly Father again. I love this Gospel with all of my Heart and I can say now that I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I know that this is the True Church of Jesus Christ. It is so important that we follow Him in this life and every day, become more like Him. That is my goal here in the mission, to become more like my Savior, and help others to Know Him and follow Him. Especailly during this time of the year. The Season of Christmas. Please remember the true meaning of Christmas. Plesase Please Please. It is to celebrate our Savior, Jesus Christ. To celebrate His Birth and remember all that He did for us. If you havent wathced the video that the Church has put out this year, ( watch it!!! Ther are two great videos that they put out this year! They are perfect for sharing a little bit of the true meaning of Christmas. I know that it is easy to get caugh up in the busy schedule of this time of year, but take a minute and truly remember all that we have and why we are celebrating Christmas. Remember the CHRIST in Christmas. #Nasceuosalvador

Saturday we had an activity too and it was great! Our Bishop dressed up like Papai Noel and it was the best thing to see kids running down the street to hug Santa Clause! Haha! It was a successful activity for us missionaries! We got lots of address! :D Whoo hoo!!

So that is all I have time to write this week, but know that I am doing well over here and missing all of you dearly! But only one more year and I will be home again! It will pass quickly! I promise! I love you all and hope that everyone has an awesome weel!!

Love Always,
Sister Kinnaman :)


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